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Original Red Packed Lunch Ideas?

Hi All,

I am trying to do some weekly plans to help me when i "can't decide" and i am doing a EE, Green and Red weekly plan. I have done EE and Green but red i am stuck on for what to have for my lunch at work.

We have a microwave, toaster and fridge so just need some red packed lunch ideas.

I tend to use 1 HEa and HEb for breakfast on work days (cereal and milk!) so still have 2 HE's to go, but do try to avoid using them with lunch if i can avoid so i can have a little potato or pasta with dinner!

Anyone care to share their red lunch ideas? :)
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How about crab sticks? I love these with rocket, boiled eggs and a bit of sweet chilli sauce ( 2 syns )

How about left over bolognaise? This doesn't have to be eaten with pasta, it just as good with a bit of salad or in a bowl on it's own.

I'm not brill with red lunches and they do tend to be left over casseroles/soups/or salad based.

There was a recipe for a beef goulash soup in one of the mags recently, I think this was chunks of beef with tomatoes and veg and it looked lovely.

Hope that gives you a few ideas!


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i have a great big salad with chicken and bacon pieces or ham or even tuna. Sometimes i try not to have hex a or b at breakfast then i can make a nice BLT sandwich for lunch with cherry tomatoes and pickled onions to pick at!

Andy R.

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on red i sometimes prepare morrisons free sauages and bacon rashers the night before and throw them in 2 brown slices of bread for ur other HEb. or make a SW quiche with ham and bacon, its all free and very tasty
Thanks for the ideas!
I am not a fan of fish - which doesn't help, but the BLT and sausage sandwich sound good! As does the quiche...will have to have a hunt round for recipies! I think i need plenty of variation -there is only so much lettuce one can eat in a week! lol


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I think I may have to pinch a few of these suggestions. They all sound so yummy!! :)


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Thought I'd bump this one up to as it from 2009!! anyone have any other ideas??

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