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refeed and maintenance help??????

hope someone can help. whats the difference between the refeed and the maintenance. I understand the re-feed where you introduce particular foods over a weeks period. what happens after that?? are you only allowed so many calories? do you still have the shakes?? want to know what i have to look forward to??
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Says it as it is!!!
You chould have got a info sheet of your chemist.... if not i am sure tracey could tell you (not at that stage yet :()
thanks for that. will ask pharmacist when weigh in. i only have a stone to lose to get me into normal bmi so he doesnt want me doing the total replacement for too long and mentioned 1 strict meal a day after the first week as he said i should continue to lose the weight, but he didnt give me any info.
Lets see if tracey respond
sabina x
im only on week 1 but dont have as much to lose. I want to lose more than what pharmacist suggested but he said i should continue to lose anyway, but not convinced. would be good to get an idea as to how it all works. i will not be doing total replacement for more than 2 weeks though. but im the sort that has to prepare and know whats going on!!! lol
speak soon


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i know what you mean im on week 2, only want to loose another stone (lost 7lb in first week) but im so scared when i stop using lt that i will just pile it back on,
thats exactly what i feel, so it would be great to know how it actually works from those that are on the maintenance to give me some hope. feeling very tired today but wont give up. i guess knowing how maintenance works will give me some inspiration!!
hope youre well will


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Hi hun you should prob refeed for a week or 2 which is introducing foods back into your diet slowly over the days so your body gets used to it! I did refeed for about 3 weeks..shake or maintenance formula for breakfast and 2 healthy meals.

Maintenance hun is just an extension of this, eating healthy foods and maintaining your weight! The maintenance formulas can be used to help maintain i.e you can still replace breakfast with them or they say you can have a maintenance before a meal so you have a smaller meal if that makes sense?
You can order samples of these off the LT website.

Personally i did refeed for 3 weeks and then have just eatn very healthy since then without shakes or maintenance foods.

Hope this helps hun xxxx
that really does help. did your pharmacist give you advice on what to eat after while on maintenance or how many cals a day etc? it would be great to see some food diaries for people on maintenance but dont think that options available on here. the refeed examples are really good in the forum at the top and explains the week of refeed really well with food examples. would be good to see something similar for the maintenance. Thanks for that tracy. feel better.
thanks traci brill info as always, im just great thanks sabina now on day 9 and feeling very proud of myself, in work tonight though 12 hr night shift, roll on 8am wed
will, if youre working nights, why are you not in bed?!!! lol. its got to be easier to stay away from food in bed. felt so tired today. finished work early today as was just soooooo tired. i am still not managing 3 'meals' a day, still on 2. will aim for 2 and a half at least today. i was making the shakes with 2 much water ive realised.
well done on losing 7lbs. id love to lose that as i think im going on refeed next week as finding this very hard. but will do very strict refeed for 2 weeks maybe... will see what pharmacists says on saturday. i should be 11 stone 1 to be classed as normal on the bmi and i'd love to be near that so i can go on refeed. even a small piece of white fish sounds like heaven today!!! off for a shower and then going to have a 'siesta'..lol. might feel like i can take on the world (&lipotrim) after that.
You will receive a refeed info pack hun when you are near to refeeding! They dont help with what to eat when maintaining but for me refeed was the start of that! I never ate fresh food before LT, all processed but now i live on fresh fish etc..dont get me wrong i had fish and chips the other night lol but was straight back to healthy the next day! Everything in moderation guys and build it up slowly! I dont count calories at all to be honest i just dont have much fat ie butter in veg etc. If you dont put any fat in your body you cant gain fat!! xxx
thanks tracey
feel much more informed.
Good hun dont worry about it for now xxx

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