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Refeed dilemma

I wonder if you lovelies could please give me some advice. I've been doing LT for 6 wks & lost 22 lbs. I've found out today that me & my husband have been invited down to London for a once in a lifetime event early November. I'd planned on starting a refeed for Christmas in the first week of December, but I know that my chemist will not be happy for me to refeed in a fortnight, then go back to 100% for 3 weeks & then refeed again. So what should I do?? I really don't want to start refeed at the beginning of November until the new year! I've still got 50lbs to lose, & I'm scared referring when I still have so much to go will just be a disaster. Normally I'd just say I wouldn't go, losing this weight is so important to me, but it's such an opportunity. Any advice you give will be really much appreciated. Sorry for rambling ;)
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You should do what you want instead of what your pharmacist wants you to do! TFR is difficult enough without pharmacists being unsupportive. I would explain what you want to do to him/her and say how important you are taking this, and you want to refeed rather than give up completely (which is obviously much better). If they don't understand or support you, then I would find another pharmacist who will be there for the rest of your journey!

Clair x
Thank you Clair. It's been worrying me, but I will just have to be firm with them wont I? I've been looking at sample menu's etc, and I know that I can make the right choices whilst doing refeed, but I want to get back to the 100% asap, and that means having the support of my chemist. Right, thanks again!
They are there to support you as well as giving you all the appropriate info etc. My pharmacist was lovely, and she was actually trying to persuade me to refeed before christmas as I didn't want to. Let us know how it goes!

Clair x


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Clair 's right. It is your needs that matter as you are fitting this diet into your life!



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Not quite sure whether this will go down well... but do you even need to tell your pharmacist that you're re-feeding if it's only for a week? If you re-feed properly (no carbs right away) you'll probably not put anything on, hopefully even still lose a pound or two, then the following week you're getting back into ketosis and you'll start losing again. We get little plateaus and surges like that all the time - nothing very unusual...

You could lessen the effect even more if you wear some "heavy" clothes or drink an extra pint for your weigh-in the week before! :D

Sorry if you don't like the idea of being sneaky, but I'd think of it more like just a white lie, to save having to swap your pharmacist...

Incidentally if you were doing the tfr diet with Exante, they say you *should* re-feed every 4 weeks, or so! I don't believe it will do you any harm in the long run, as long as you plan your meals as best you can and make sensible choices while you're away.

Best of luck,
Marianne x


Now 40% less fat !
Oh Marianne, I like your style!

What good advice! Better than having a confrontation with the pharmacist if, like me, you're all for a quiet life :)

Haha, Marianne!!! Do you know what? Funnily enough the exact same thought had been playing around in the back of my head today. So thank you for backing my sneaky thoughts up, hee hee! Thank you! I'll keep an eye on the scales at home just in case I need to "compensate" that week. X


No longer "Overweight" !
Cool! Glad I wasn't out of order... :D

Hope you have an amazing time,


Now 40% less fat !
Have a good time hun! Looking forward to hearing all about it!:)

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