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refeed question

Im refeeding on the 19th Dec until 2nd Jan. I sent for free samples from lipotrim but dont know whether to try them or when to try them. I need to know what they taste like but dont want to be eating double. I would still like to lose before my refeed because i will probably put on weight over christmas. I hope im explaining this correctly. If I dont like the maintenance plan can i stick to lipotrim shakes instead when refeeding.
Thank you for your support.:)
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Yea I received my free samples as well and thats the advice they give me as well so unless ya are starting them straight away dont take the new ones but one thing is there seems to be more flavours, I wonder why these are not giving on the normal one as well. Ah well!!
On refeed Binger, you can choose either the maintenance shake, or the tfr shakes........ so you really can still have your fave (like me and vanilla lol)
Oh jinnie really, thats good news why does every one and the pharmacist say you can't have tfr on maintenance. I would quite happily stick to my vanilla and choc shakes.:)
Hi hun yes you can still have your shakes im having my tfr shakes while refeeding x
glad I could help I got some free maintenance products but haven't tried them my pharmasist said I could just carryon with my shakes so I have done Im well into my second week and have lost only 1lb but at least I haven't put on while eating xx
I'm hoping my chemist will let me have some trf shakes for my refeed next week as I love them!!!!! I have ordered samples from LT but not had them yet. I'm planning to use them in the New Year to help maintain. Will miss my morning latte big time!!!! As for the choc, will have to get some options me thinks!!!

Good luck to all refeeding - are you all as nervous as me?

Hi hun, I am certainly getting a bit edgy about it. Haven't decided yet whether to start this week or next. Will see how my weigh in goes and take it from there. My pharmacist has said it will be no problem to use tfr shakes for the refeed, hope yours is the same if that is what you want to do x
Thanks babe. My chemist wanted me to refeed last week but I persuaded her to let me do another week. Am geared up for this week, although, if I get called into work Monday I won't be able to do my shopping and get in all the fresh salad I plan to eat so will have to wait till Tuesday. It won't bother me, quite happy to wait another day coz I am so apprehensive about it as it is!!!!! If I don't get to the shops Tuesday I won't get another chance till the weekend unless I do a late night shop so I'm playing things by ear at the mo!

It would be nice to have someone else starting the same time as me, could do with the support, so I have my fingers crossed for your WI! Even if I don't lose my last few pounds I don't think I'll have much choice as I have now hit my original target, just not the new one I "forgot" to mention to the chemist!!!! Whoops!

Hi, Im very nervous about refeed. I think I've talked myself out of it, but the family want me to eat and I think I do lol. I just don't want to leave the comfort of my shakes. I have vanilla hot with coffee and hot chocolate too. I have never tried the vanilla on its own, I got the idea for hot coffee from here and love it so. I was thinking about refeed from the 19th Dec until 2nd Jan but I dont want to do that now. I thought I would eat xmas dinner and anything else that I fancy. But not go too mad and then seriously get back on it the 2nd Jan. Some people have said that eating like that could make you ill. I don't know how because when some people confess to a little cheat they haven't felt sick only guilty. I haven't cheated yet but I think I will at xmas rather than refeed. Please help what should I do. Confused? I am lol :confused::confused:
Hi, I'm refeeding now, (started yesterday, but am restarting on 2nd Jan for the final 20 odd pounds)
I'm using ordinary LT shakes for refeed, as I did before a holiday in September and they work fine. I did get some free samples of Maintainance from the chemist and tried the caramel bar to replace a lunch. It was very very sweet and took me ages to eat! It was OK, but think I'll stick to the regular ones anyway.
The reason we need to do a "proper" refeed before Christmas is because apparently we will gain too much glycogen and water if we just start eating. Also our stomachs now have a reduced capacity, and eating a lot, or bingeing can make you feel really ill. Peeps have posted on here and said they felt REALLY ill after doing so.
I think there's a really helpful Sticky on this forum that explains it much better than I can!
I found when I was on holiday, that doing a proper refeed first, helped me to feel in control about what I chose and ate (for the first time in my life!) xx
Thank you Cathy for your sound advice. I will stay on tfr and maybe start a refeed on monday before xmas. I know it sounds daft but I dont want to break my pattern too soon. I just worry that I will put too much weight on and set myself back. Your weight loss is amazing well done to you. I have lost 49lb and looking to lose another 20lb or so. Hope you have a nice xmas.
I'm hoping my chemist will let me have some trf shakes for my refeed next week as I love them!!!!!
My pharmacist sold me the usual tfr shakes for refeed so there won't be any problem hon.

I'll be asking him tomorrow if I can still get the vanilla's off him anyway as I do love vanilla shakes and I do not want to have a mcd's one LOL.

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