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Regrets, Worries & a Little Moan.....

Hi Ladies,
Firstly thanks for replying to my first post on here......
I hope you don't mind me pouring my little Weight Watchers heart out on here but i'm feeling a bit down and dissapointed with myself.
I joined WW on the 25th Feb this year but i feel a little dissapointed with my loss
Week 1 -3.5lbs
Week 2 -4.0lbs
Week 3 -0.5lbs
Week 4 -1.5lbs
Week 5 +0.5lbs
So thats a total loss of 9lbs.....dont get me wrong i'm happy i got my silver 7 on week 2 but it seems to have really slowed and i was obviously a bit peeved with the gain last week which was due to me being ill with Tonsillitis and OD'ing on ice-cream.....plus other naughty's. The thing is i'm finding it really hard to get back on track after my gain last week. My W.I is on a thursday so my diet week starts on Friday and i had bad days on friday, saturday & sunday......i will be so upset if i have another gain this week as i'm pretty close to giving up right now. This isn't an excuse but i've been told not to lose to much to soon as i'm still breastfeeding my baby, this also lets me have 30 points a day.
My head feels a little messed up about it at the mo' as i want to be a healthy weight more than anything and i've tried so many times and failed and i don't want to fail this time but i really am finding it hard. I was so motivated in those first couple of weeks but now its seems to have gone and i find myself snacking all the time and chosing the wrong things.
Basically i feel like i've messed up and i can't get back to where i was and it's getting too me a bit......:break_diet: <-----exactally how i feel.
Thanks so much for reading.
xxxx Karen
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Hi Karen,
trust me I understand how you feel, I always want to lose more weight than I do! You are doing really well and I too have lost 9lb in 5 weeks with a half pound gain on week five also due to being poorly. This week I have stuck to it and my weigh in is tomorrow morning and am hoping for a good loss. When I feel like going off the rails I look at a slimming mag or watch a slimming programe on the tv and this can help me to get back in the right "zone".

It really is a vicious circle because when you really feel like something naughty, then you give in and have it you feel better for a small amount of time then feel terrible cause you have given in to temptation.

Anyway I am babbling.... just wanted you to know that you are not on your own, we all go through this at times and we are here for you if you need us. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!
In 5-6 years I have lost and gained 14 + stones. I have done cambridge diet,lighterlife,celebrity slim W8,ww x 4 times,RC,SW ...... I had 106lbs to lose on 1st march :( in 2006 I had 18lbs to lose :confused:
They all work but they wont unless our heads are in the right place WHY ?
If your one of many and there are many of us who use food as a comfort,a friend,a boredum beater,an excuse then until your head is in the right place you wont do it.
I have before this ww taken a few diet free months away I even booked my consultation to have a gastricband privately £7000,then I thought I have young children and they need me if that goes wrong who have they.
So I read up thought through looked at the plans I have done and thought which worked for me.WW, the others are grat but WW works as I can fit it in around my family.
But I know its now my life plan,I too was ill a couple of weeks ago its on here and I had a temperture of 100 one day but I stuck at it my throat was awful I had v bad strep throat last year and now its weak,I didnt go of plan I had 18.5 points under plan as I knew I couldnt do this head wise if I didnt stick to my points.
I do get anxious,disheartened all I know is if I am sticking to the plan 100% drinking water exercising having low GI foods it will work if it doesnt I will try and find out why.
I weigh everything,I measure everything.
I drink green tea and I make myself get up and do a little exercise as I know this is the only way any plan will work.

Ok if you are doing it all 100% hand on heart then maybe your having too many points? Do you allow activity points APs if so dont until you are on less points it will help you lose.Are you near Totm? and do you drink 2 litres of water a day with no caffine? Caffine dehydrates and causes retention. Are you having Low GI foods Porridge,Jacket potatoes,whole wheat pasta and rice?
The thing is I know after 22 years of yoyoing that its me that makes the weight stay and I do lose slowly also I have done so many plans with low losses and have stuck to it and given up that I know how you feel.
Maybe start afresh, do fast start and see what happens,weigh and measure drink the water and se what happens? xxx

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