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Regulating water


is going to do this!
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Hello guys...

OK I've been having a problem the last week or two, I keep end up having to drink the majority of my water in one go at the end of the day, and it's not doing much good for my insides (and it's not what you're supposed to do anyway) as I keep getting an upset stomach.

I was just wondering how you managed to keep it spread out throughout the day? I try and have a litre after I've had each shake/bar or whatever, then an extra one in the evening, but because I've been getting up and going to bed at different times each day I can't keep it consistent, plus because I'm revising all day I end up having two shakes in the evening now, and not having anything in the middle of the day, so throughout that period I just end up not having water then drinking loads at the end of the day.

How can I remind myself or just spread it out better? It doesn't help that I hate water lol, even the water flavourings aren't helping as much anymore. It's going to end up effecting my weigh ins again if I don't stop!!! x
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I wasn't a big water drinker before this either and what I find easier is to split the water into smaller 500ml 'sports' type water bottles and drink from the fridge throughout the day. I always make sure I have at least one small bottle in my bag if I go out anywhere in case I leave it too long before having any. I've actually been much more thirsty doing CD anyway. Hope this helps :)


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I didnt drink water at all ever til started CD last year so i had 500ml bottles and tallied on board at home everytime i finished one. Now i really enjoy drinking water and get through 4 or 5 litres a day. As above i make sure i always have a bottle or glass with me wherever i am and just sip away at it.
Good luck


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I have a 1 litre bottle of water that I drink through the day, and if I can I try and get through 2. They have the sports lids, so I just take a bit here and there. I then make sure I always have a pint glass handy in the evenings and at night. This way as I can always keep track, and don't have to have big quantities at the end of the day.
Icemoose on here gave me the advice of 500 ml bottles too.. I don't use the squirty lids as I find i get less water in that way.... a few good glugs at a time can finish 1/4 bottle at times..

I fill them up the night before I don't fridge them because for me cold water is harder to drink (personal preference maybe)

I keep a bottle in my hands or by my side all the time! If I go out I take several with me.... As you say it's not good to drink it all in one go, and this really works for me, although i do often only have the minimum amounts. But have been told this is fine :)

You are doing great on your journey.



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Ya, drinking too much in one go isnt a good idea, it can make you sick. I use 1 ltr sports bottle when I go out and carry it around with me. At home i use sparkling water and put a2 ltr bottle in the fridge and tkae big/small/medium glasses from it all day but make sure I finish it. I hated water too when I started but now 4 ltr is no problem.


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I keep a 750ml bottle with sports cap with me at all times and wherever I go - at home and at work and as soon as it is empty I refill it. It is the only way I get it all in...

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