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Rehoming a cat with FIV

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!


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I work in a vets so i will tell you what i know.

Cats with FIV can have a long and happy life. BUT you need to pay very close attention to their diet and wellbeing and will have to make sure you keep up to date with all vaccinations and regular health visits (as you would with any cat!).

FIV is most commonly passed on through fighting. So if you have a cat with FIV and you let it outside...your running the risk of it meeting another cat, getting into a fight...and infecting that cat. Course that will only happen if that cat has not been vaccinated. And sadly...so many ppl do not bother to vaccinate their cats. That will be your biggest challenge....do you let him outside??

He will also be more suseptible to health problems which will NOT be covered by insurance. Insurance only covers health problems which did not exist before they were insured. He will be much more prone to picking up infections, and if he got a diesese (say cancer), it would be hard for him to fight it off or react well to chemo etc. The biggest problem are for a cat with FIV is the mouth, so you must be extra careful when checking him for any tooth decay or problems. This is where most problems arise. So without insurance cover...he could get a little expensive in the future!!!

And im sure you know, owners cannot catch FIV from a cat.

Hope that helps a little :) xxx

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Thanks! Should say we know that he'll need to be an indoor cat - no problem and we have an enclosed garden which OH said he'll make cat friendly as the rehoming centre said he could go out there, but we'd always be with him outside so he couldn't do a runner! xx


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Sounds like your all sorted then! You do get some vets who are totally against keeping cats with FIV but you find thats mainly because they are concerned it will spread. Its lovely some ppl are willing to rehome them :) Enjoy your new pet!! xx
Aw, you're doing a wonderful thing :) My cat was always encouraged to go outside but would never venture further than the garden anyway. Lol.. In fact, he would often only make it halfway down the garden before deciding it was time to sunbathe.

In the summer, the back door would be open & people popping in & out of the garden.. You were most likely to find Dusty asleep on someone's bed upstairs!

I'm sorry I can't give you any real info, I've never had a cat with FIV.


synful soul
D.D. I think it is brilliant to give a home to an animal that need a loving home.

Cats are brilliant............... fantastic creatures, we never own them........dogs have owners cats have staff.

FIV is controlable so go for it lovely lady. I liked you before but now I like you more.
hugs xxx


Trying again in 2012
I have to ask as my cat knowledge is limited - what is FIV? I'm thinking a cat version of HIV but I may be way off track!

It sounds like he'll have a wonderful loving home if he comes to join you x

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