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Rejoining & Changing Groups

I have decided that on Tuesday I am rejoining a Slimming World group different to the one that I am going to.

This is a decision based that my circumstances have changed work wise and cannot give up Tuesday Mornings every week, but I will be rejoining at a Tuesday class at 5pm.

The class I'm joining is the Area Manager of the person I go to now.

If she asks why I'm going to her instead, then I'm going to say its due to work, but its not just due to work.

SO....can I ask a few questions about what goes off in people's groups.

A lot of the time we do "Image Therapy" and its a case of well done on your loss, or "you've had a bad week do you know why" because its such a big group we dont always get the 100% support we might need.

If its due to working loads and trying to have "snacks" in the car or grabs-and-go we get "but we're all in the same boat"

And when I put 1lb on (after doing SAS for 2 week first week i lost 2.5lbs) I just got told "I cant see or understand why you've gained...just dont have as many syns" (i was having 5-7 a day)

We get told when we've gained as a group and what we've lost as a group, and sometimes if you know you've put on and then the group gets "told off" for putting on weight, you feel like pants!

I think its the best decision for me to change group. And after speaking with a few girls who go to my current group then they are looking or others, feeling like they've lost their way, and then not getting support.

I cant believe that theres such a difference in leaders to leaders :(

What are your groups like!?
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I think whilst SW give the training to deliver the programme the way they want it delivered, how the individual consultant delivers it can be down to a number of factors, and those factors can impact on how successful their class ends up being.

For example, some consultants "tell off" their members if they are just playing at following the plan, and seeing the resultant gains. Some members would respond well to being "told off" whereas others would find that very hard to deal with, self-esteem can be shaky when we are overweight and getting a public ticking off is not the best way to build self-confidence.

But dont imagine if your C is not great, that your area manager wont be aware of that at some level. Membership numbers reflect performance quite well - and while at this time of year the groups are bigger due to people who are making a fresh start for the new year, the area manager will know who performs well and who doesnt.

Thats not to say you need to say anything to her, but if you did, chances are she would be professional and not that surprised to hear it.
I have rejoined, my leader is lovely, which is reason I went there as there's 4 in a week I could make,
she def doesn't have a go at the group for mass put ons, its commented on and its more of Well ok ladies next weeks a new week for us all. or the like,

your old leader does sound rubbish, as I restarted this week I stayed about to WI etc and 3 others did too to chat about there lack of loss,
There is also a keyring thing, if you doing badly and it is felt you need help you are given this keyring and its meant to motivate you, and the cool thing is its the person that has it that week chooses who may need it for the following week.
I think after you get settled in to your new group you should have a word, pointing out how you felt about old one, it can only help the people still going there.

Good luck in your new group.


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We had a gap when I started SW some years ago and the stand in was appalling! All she was interested in was talking about how she did kungfu (or whatever it was) Rumour had it she had already closed down a neighbouring class! I did actually contact head office to complain and we had the area manager for a while after that and she was wonderful.
At another class a complaint was made about an "Oscar" A visitor to the group complained that someone was being rewarded for putting weight on! In fact it was a reminder to someone who was struggling to take home for a week and nearly always they had a good weightloss. Three "visitors" came to class, not unusual because it was by the sea, but they were from head office to check it out! The consultant was dragged over the coals, which we thought was rather unfair.
I think the consultant is very important, and if numbers drop then it doesn't go unnoticed at head office, but if they aren't informed whats wrong then it could be missed. I would have a quiet word if I was you.
MadameLaMinx Thanks for that, she has about 50 members through the scales, and about 30 people stay to class...so we'll just see how it goes! I'll not mention any reasons as to why I'm rejoining apart from work, I dont think - but we'll see how many others follow suit.

flippyoung Thanks for the comments, my friend goes to another group and my mum will be going to a different one as we both go to the same one together and she doesnt drive, so she'll be going to a more local one, and neither of them mention weight gains at all!

I think that the fact I've been on Hormone treatment for the last 5months, hasnt helped, and ive just small gained all the time, even following the plan 100%. And ive been in tears and arguing loads with them that i'm trying to the point i "gave up"
The rejoining will gain me with motivation and a big kick up the bum! lol x
judimac thanks! But do the problem is I feel that if I have a quiet word its going to open up a complete backlash type thing! (from more people then saying stuff) x


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hi there, i just wanted to wish you well in your new group. i don't think i would feel too comfy at your present one either. i hope everything goes well for you xx
katty Thanks! I joined in May last year, did so well at first, and then its just gone bad....and cos i'm not feeling the support & stuff its hard.
Its like the fact i get told off, or to cut down on syns, and that type of stuff, its annoying too! :( x


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being told off is pretty harsh. ive been going for 6 months now and theres never any telling off, maybe a laugh and a joke about naughtiness in a light hearted way. but of course theres the serious side of what we could change and adapt to. generally just bouncing ideas off each other. i think it needs to be something we look forward to, im pretty gutted i cant make it tomorrow night as my hubbys away.
i think your right to have a change, and hopefully you'll begin to enjoy your groups again :)
Thanks Hun! Ive only got one more month left on the hormones, which are notorious for people putting weight on.
I'm planning 1lb a week, thats 3 stones for xmas! x
:DOh dear, well my c if really good. I went to S W years ago and there is no comparison to my c now! She is very very motivated, nice with people, friendly, and texts us every week with supportive comments. She seems totally commited to S W and most of us are losing really well. I am a very slow loser, but to be honest I dont care because I am enjoying the food and it is coming off! I feel she really cares about us all and our journey. I also feel if I had a problem I could ring her or text anytime. She encourages us to stay for I T and I think it is essential really, after all we have paid for it and you pick up some lovely recipes and comments and support from others.If youre not happy with your c then yes change to another group. It is so important that you like your c as well and build up a bit of raport. Keep going you will get there!
hollys nan ive had one day of texts from my C, but thats it. I tried to call her the other day to let her know that I wont be going on Tuesday etc, and still awaiting a call back :(
My c is terrible, I have only been a member of sw for 3 weeks and I know I have little to compare it to, however I used to run expert patient groups and so I know a little about motivating groups and individuals in groups, my c does neither.

She is far more interested in talking about herself than anyone in the groups weight loss successes or supporting anyone who has put on. She told a couple of members who had put on last week to 'think positive next week and it'll come off'. If only it was that simple!

I handed in 2 food diaries and asked her to check them as I wasn't sure and she said 'I'm sure you're fine, put them on my table' and I haven't heard from her at all since.

She tried to charge me for missing my second week even though I'd called her to explain I had a severe kidney infection, she then berated me in front of the group for not phoning (until I reminded her I actually had) and then said, ok well don't miss any more. As if I could help how ill I was!! Also I was completely new and hadn't been told that I had to phone if I missed a group, I'd just done it out of courtesy!

Also (and I promise this is the end of the rant although I have plenty more!) a group member said she was struggling with nice meals to have with rice as she likes rice but isn't keen on curry or Chinese food and could anyone suggest anything? The c just instantly answered and said stir rice with a tin of beans, it's lovely. And then changed the subject!! The poor lady just looked a bit embarrassed as she obviously felt she'd asked a silly question where as I'm sure loads of people in the group had great suggestions to make but no one has a chance to!

Ok, I'm done I think...thanks for giving me somewhere to vent :) x x
OMG well thats awful! I am thinking straight away the chicken coke recipe, all sorts of different things really. She does sound as if she is just doing the job for the money, and not commited at all! No good that.Thinking positive is good, but you also need the support and practical advice! No I would definately go to another group indiebabe, its hard enough without feeling bad when you go to group. Did you say you had joined another one or thinking of it? Hope you find a group you are happy with. Good luck
I was really lucky with my consultant she's absolutely fantastic as she herself lost over 5 stone on the plan so she totally understands what it is like. We had a massive group over 30 people but she made us all feel important and if we had a bad week she would actively ask the rest of the group if they had ideas of how to help, she really emphasised the group support and that we were a team so we didn't feel alone.

She would never ever tell us off and would say put the week behind you start afresh it's a new week you can do it. She also tells she's been there, that she's had times where she's gone off track and she can relate to it. I think if you don't find the support you need in your consultant change them as if you have a bad week you won't want to go to group and when you start missing group it makes it harder.
hollys nan said:
OMG well thats awful! I am thinking straight away the chicken coke recipe, all sorts of different things really. She does sound as if she is just doing the job for the money, and not commited at all! No good that.Thinking positive is good, but you also need the support and practical advice! No I would definately go to another group indiebabe, its hard enough without feeling bad when you go to group. Did you say you had joined another one or thinking of it? Hope you find a group you are happy with. Good luck
I can't find another group that fits in with my routine so well so am sticking with it at the moment but tomorrow am just planning to go and weigh and not stay for image therapy. I really like the idea and the principle of image therapy but I don't think it helps at all if your c isn't good!

You're definitely right, I feel she is in it for the money not to support us. Such a shame x x
Such a shame that. Do you think then you may be better doing it online? Have you done a search on S W website for your groups in your area. You may just find one that suits, but of course you may have done that! Just wish you could come to my group she is really good.Hope you lose loads this week. I understand you not wanting to stay for I T if she doesnt help. How do others in your group feel?
hollys nan ive had one day of texts from my C, but thats it. I tried to call her the other day to let her know that I wont be going on Tuesday etc, and still awaiting a call back :(
Thats really bad, not committed is she I am so lucky with my c. Hope she sorts herself out and helps you more we all need support specially from the people who are paid to do that! Keep strong ;);)
Just to add to this, I'm a student and also work shifts which means between living away from home and work commitments I've attended about 10 different groups since joining slimming world.

Thankfully the consultant at my 'proper' home group is fantastic, because I am certain if I had joined at some of the other groups I've been to I would have never gone back!

One group I went to a few times which was by my student halls, the consultant wasn't so bed but her mum, who did the weighing in was just awful! I remeber gaining 2 pounds the week after my birthday and this woman shouted over to the consultant (who was doing the new members talk on the other side of the room) "this one's had a big gain!". Needless to say I never went back there.

I went to a new group just after my mum passed away because I hadn't been able to go to my usual group that week, but my (nice) consultant had told the (mean) consultant of this group that I would be comming and why. When I got off the scales and turned around, I overheard the (mean) consultant whispering to the people sitting near her 'her mum's just died'. Not only was it completely inappropriate to tell them such information, it wasn't like they'd even asked about it - she just decided to annouce it!

Anyway, rant over. My point is some consultants are nowhere near as good as others and I think it's a good idea to change groups if you are unhappy with the way yours is run. x

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