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Relationship troubles !!


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My partner & I have been sleeping in seperate beds now for months because I snore due to being overweight so I really must try harder at this weight loss or I fear for our relationship :(. We've been together for 11 years & I never used to snore & I'm 19lbs heavier than I was when we met so not a huge weight gain but I snore so badly ( so he tells me cause I never wake although most days I wake with a really sore throat !! ). He works long shifts so we don't see each other a huge amount as it is & I can't believe I've let it come to this. Even the kids comment on the fact that I snore & sleep in a different bed. Sorry for moaning for something that is 100% my fault. I'm not looking for sympathy just reasurrance that someone else has conquored this through weight loss.
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Good luck with this. As a singleton, i cannot really comment other than to briefly say that being in separate beds is not great, but it is tons better than being in separate houses. Much easier to find your way across the landing than to move out and in again - i suspect it is a measure of the fact that you both want to make it work.



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havent had personal experience of this myself, but weight loss is supposed to help reduce snoring. Separate beds for the mo not ideal but could be fun - sneaking across the landing and arranging snuggle times!
Good luck anyway hope things improve


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so sorry your havin this problem but in some ways you are lucky cuz youve somethin so huge motivatin you the fact that you wont snore and be able to sleep in same bed again is somethin to look forward to :)
just be positive and let your other half know that you are takin the steps to solve this prob by losin weight, and explain you need his support. maybe you could set yourself small weight loss goals and everytime you reach one, which you will :) ye could have a date night, go for a meal or something and as the weight stars coming off you should try sleeping in the same bed to see if the snoring has reduced
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thats a good point, so long as you communicate it correctly, your chap ought to know that this is a sign of how much you want the relationship to work - you are demonstrating your commitment to him and to your love for one another...

God, listen to me!! Advice for others, but never able to sort anything out for moi..



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Talk to your doctor as well, if you haven't already. Losing weight will always help with sleep apnoea but there are mouth guards etc you can try that reduce snoring too.