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Remember the mean comments of my boss?

Deb G

Silver Member
Hopefully you'll remember the story of how she told me my hips looked fat in my (size 10) skirt?


I met her PA (who witnessed the breating re the hips) in the corridor today, frantically looking for her. I asked why, and she told me.....

Apparently my boss bent down in her (far too tight for her) trousers, and they SPLIT!!!:eek: Hence she was wearing a pair of red Santa Claus trousers round work :D while her PA went to Tesco to buy her something else to wear!!!

They say what goes around comes around.;)

Best of all, the PA was told to buy size 16, but she bought a 16, 18 and 20 - just in case the sizes were 'a bit small'.
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Gold Member
Justice, karma, call it what you will! Brilliant!
haha. thats a fantastic story!
serves her right for being such a cow in the first place!
good on yer!
:sign0151: Now thats funny! My MIL says 'God doesn't pay debts with money!' So true in this case!
Definitely Good Karma, What Goes Around Comes Around. Split At The Seams, Giggle Giggle.
You should say to her, as 'sincerely' as you can manage, 'So sorry to hear about what happened to your trousers, you must have been sooo embarrassed!!'

Or maybe you shouldn't, on second thoughts!! Great story!
PMSL KARMA ROOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Fabulous - couldn't have happened to a nicer person :rotflmao::rotflmao:
I bet she feels a total pxxt and so she should.
brill.....serves her right !!!

Debz xx
Actually thinking about it she probably has a lot of problems and needs help so perhaps we should be more compasionate.

Deb G

Silver Member
You're right Ladylite - so I haven't even mentioned it. Just the realisation that I know about it must be killing her. I'm rising above it, but thanking karma for sorting it out for me. Maybe she'll keep out of my business now!

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