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Rennes - Fitness Diary

Day 2

30 minutes cross-country.

I'm not sure how far I went, but I had a good go at it today.

Result - I felt much better today than I did yesterday. :D
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Carpe diem, baby!
Keep at it, the more you do the more you will be able to do...it becomes fun too and slightly addictive...it's those wonderful endorphins...
Day 3

nexangelus - I couldn't agree more.

Trouble is it's raining today...I'm still going ;)

1.4 miles yesterday.

30 minutes in my home made garage gym.

About 25 minutes pilates...:confused:
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Day 4

Feeling really good today.

3 miles ish cross country...I can't work it out on walkjogrun.

30 minutes in my home(made) gym...;)

My wife said I looked like nutter doing bench presses with a log and a piano stool...:D
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Carpe diem, baby!
A log and a piano stool? Can we have a photo please? Heh!

Yep I was just saying that one doesn't actually NEED to have a gym membership to get in shape, the old fashioned ways are what seem to work the best...even though new fangled things look sparkly and exciting. My arms have never felt stronger doing all the press ups I have been lately!

How is the walkjogrun going? I still cannot run too far (max at a push would be 2 miles) without resorting to the same method...
I'll see what I can do with the piano stool, my wife did take a photo ;)

I'm enjoying taking it easy at the minute with the running. Listening to my ipod and just getting the whole system up and running again.
I pushed it on Thursday, just to see where I was fitness wise, and I 'll do the same next week.
I intend to add more distance next week. I've got some times that I'm aiming at but at the moment it's not really important.
I want to start something that I can continue 2/3/4 times a week with maybe a biggy on a Sunday.


Day 5

Nothing...I'm calling in sick
Day 6 - nothing
Day 7 - nothing
Day 8 - 1 mile walk...it's pathetic that I'm even bothering to record it!

I'm not happy with myself at all.

I don't have one single reason.


Carpe diem, baby!
Aren't you off ill though? Take it easy on yourself...
Hi nexangelus, not really.
I wasn't too well the other day but that's about it. :eek:

I've got to get this sorted.

I'm going to watch a bit of football, have a nice hot bath and an early night.

Tomorrow morning I'm in business.
Day 10 - a much better day

Run in the morning, about 3 miles.

1 hour in the garage gym...really worked hard. I could feel my whole body aching afterwards.

100 sit ups whilst watching old 70s football.


Carpe diem, baby!
Yey you! 100 sit ups phew...my limit is 50 at a time...once you get exercising the endorphins tend to keep you wanting the rush...well it works for me...a good vicious cycle if there ever was one...
Saturday - day 13...I think

nexangelus - 100 sit ups sounds good, but I could just about walk for the next two days.
However, from past experience I know that this is normal. It should only take a week or two and my recovery rate should be back up to speed.

I did about 20 minutes today. Not as hard as the last few days.
No running, but I did about 30 minutes heavy digging in the garden.

I've got big plans for next week :D


Carpe diem, baby!
Sounding good!


Full Member
Hello again nexanelus, how are you?
Still going strong I hope.

Wait for it...

17.2 miles bike ride.
This was with my twins in a 'pull a long' thingy.
I'd hazard a guess that the 'pull a long' is about 30 kg and I know that my twins are 13 kg each.

I am knackered and drinking herbal tea on a Friday night.
Rock and roll.

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