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my little cousin got christened today and I went to their house for a gathering and every1 was complimenting me saying i'd lost weight!, i was pleased but i have no idea what to say back.. i go red and awkward and usualy say.. no i havent cos i cant think of anything to say, i would just feel so weird going, yes i have!

(I had to rush straight from work and i still have a size 20 uniform, so i pinned it all in, to show off my new figure (poser me!), im sure i could fit into a size 16 one lol)
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it is hard knowing what to say as you want people to notice and then you're lost for words when they do! Just say "yes I have - I'm glad you noticed - that's a great boost" or something that like that because each time someone says something positive, it just spurs you on!

Well done!!
Hi Missy

I am exactly the same.. it really embarrasses me which is ridiculous when we have worked hard to lose weight? For me I always feel that the compliments are reinforcing how awful I looked before.. even though I know I did, I find it really uncomfortable!
i'd been complimented in work today too (i think it was my pinning in of my uniform that made people notice.. as i wear like a nurses uniform and it hides everything) and so i kinda thought if any1 at the party complimented me.. i'd think of something nice to say back.. but i couldnt, red faced as usual :(
the easiest and simplest way to accept a compliment on your weight loss is just to say thankyou unless they ask it in the form of a question then you can just answer it honestly so if they say ooooh you have lost weight you look good how much have you lost just say 2 stone (or whatever) thanks for noticing

If someone just says ooooooooh you have lost weight say thanks and give em a beaming smile :)
I always got embarrassed as well coz I am so used to being fat and hiding behind big clothes. Like Genie I say thank you and if they ask then tell them how much.

Mind you, now I get upset if someone doesn't notice my loss!!!! Shallow aren't I!!!! I still get embarrassed when they say something but cross if they don't!!! Lol!!!

Mind you, now I get upset if someone doesn't notice my loss!!!! Shallow aren't I!!!! I still get embarrassed when they say something but cross if they don't!!! Lol!!!

Lol I know exactly what you mean hun - not shallow at all x
I love it when people actually do notice just wish I could see it myself!
I feel a bit slimmer and obviously my clothes are looser just when I look in the mirror I dont really notice that much difference!
Feel great though so cant complain really!:p
Just strike a pose and go 'I know -check me out! I've lost sh1tloadsa weight and I'm a foxy mama who just gonna get foxier!!!'


ok -just do what I do then -take a reddener, bow my head and say thanks. lol ;)

It is good though -use their compliments to motivate you on.


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I know people can't help it, but I think it's a bit rude to comment on people's bodies, unless you know them very well. Maybe it's better to say 'you look really well' (ie not 'well fed'!). I dunno...


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At the beginning I used to think 'can't you see I've lost weight..?' Then when people started commenting I felt very awkward. Now I'm loving the comments and I agree, the easiest response is to smile and say thank you. When I get asked about the method though, I sound like a Lipotrim sales rep - usually with people who are interested in losing weight themselves. Good for us, let's enjoy these compliments!

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