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Request for Opinions

Hi All,

I've been considering starting a relatively strict physical regiment when I move from SS to SS+ or 810 later on. Before I had all of the thyroid drama I was doing the Body for Life program. Body for life is a work out regiment that alternates cardio days and weight training days. The cardio days are high intensity 20-30 minutes of cardio + warm up and cool down. The weight training days also alternate by upper body and lower body and it sort of follows the stacking method. So you start 12 reps at one weight, increase weight and do 10 reps and so on and so forth.

I think the most calories that I would burn would be right around 200 a night but it will require a fair amount of energy for this work out.

For the CDCs or those who have done SS+ or 810, do you think I could pull off doing the regiment plus either of those CD versions?

What do you think?
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Yes you can do it - i have been adding a similar excercise plan for the last three weeks (5 mornings a week)... its tough at first but oh so addictive! I love feeling fit again! I do SSplus. I think the toning is the most beneficial bit - it has not increased my "weight" loss but has increased my "fat" loss and have noticed a real change in shape and dress size. Check out my diary in the 100% forum if you want to see what I do in detail. Good luck!!! You can do it - just listen to your body!


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I'm on SS+ and go to the gym 3x a week. I have found cardio a lot harder and I get dizzy. So until things level out I do a bit of cardio (cycling) then weights.

So my advice would be that the weights will be fine but be careful of the cardio.
Thanks everyone :) Sounds like for the most part I'll need to play it by ear once I get into everything. Right now since I'm only on SS I've been doing some light cardio, at least during the first few weeks. I think I'll kind of work up the intensity as I can. I'm sure some days will be better than others.


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if you build it up slowly and listen to your body, if you feel funny then stop, i know people get used to pushing thru it at the gym when they feel a little odd but on the lower plans you dont want to do that and hit the deck. im sure your a sensible lady and will know what your limits are. just keep the water with you and if you have bars, keep one in your gym bag to nibble on if you feel your blood sugars dipping while your exercising

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