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There are a number of online resources that are really good for helping you to truly banish your food of the better ones however is Mastering Food.

There is a charge for using it but if you want to take a free trial then check them out at

If you have any other resources that you use, please feel free to post them in this section..:)
Yes. Very interesting. Goodness...this scares me. Why can't I sign up? Why am I too scared I might 'find myself'?

I can only give myself microscopic glances. Scared of what I might find I fink;)

Would much rather analyse someone elses problems :D

Thanks for posting it though. Have put it in my favourites for when I'm brave
It's because you like doing what you are currently doing, Karion, because it serves a purpose. When that "purpose" is no longer working for you, then you will change.....just take your time, nothing happens before its time! :)
Diva said:
nothing happens before its time! :)
That can be said for dieting too. You're right. What I am doing is working for me, and I'll keep going at it, but watching and learning along the way. Maybe there won't be a sudden time for me. Maybe it will be a gradual acceptance of myself, then I can delve deeper. At the moment it's all too scary.

So why can I do it? Why can I maintain my weight without this self awareness? Do you think it will only be a temporary thing?..since I obviously have many demons:eek:

I think this is going to be a great 'room' for me on this forum. Not to bombard you with questions...promise...just to read and digest gradually. Thanks Diva. This sort of thing is what I've been waiting for...even if I can't totally embrace it yet.
Karion Dieting said:
I think this is going to be a great 'room' for me on this forum.

Gotta agree with you Karion - I get the feeling this 'room' is gonna be like an online boot camp. Nice one Diva Lady :cool:
You can do it Karion because its working for you.

You say you have many demons but that all depends on what you are actually labelling as a demon...because consciously you may see it as a demon but subconsciously you may not - therefore there is no issue!

Also, another perspective, is that it is working for you NOW. However, you know that you have times when its not so great. The "head work" is about ironing out the peaks and troughs and having smaller bumps instead. Will you fall into another trough? We don't know at this stage but hope that, of course, you will not because you say that its working for you now.

The final perspective is that some people swap one "addiction" for another and hail themselves as cured. I am particular culprit at this one....Up until 1st July, I was a self-confessed chocoholic often eating 4 or 5 bars a day plus sugars from various other sources constantly throughout the day.

Anyhow, on 1st July I went to Paul McKenna's seminar and since then cannot even stand the smell of chocolate much less eaten any....however, instead I'm consuming muesli and porridge oats like they're going out of fashion!!!

So yes, I'm cured of my chocolate addiction but am I cured of the addictive personality? Not likely, just switched my "addiction"!! Of course, in order to cure any addiction you gotta get back to those foundations....

I suppose a question you could ask yourself Karion, if you really do want to conquer your 'demons' is what other areas of your life are they showing up in if its no longer in your eating?
Oh goodness....lots to think about there.
You say you have many demons but that all depends on what you are actually labelling as a demon...because consciously you may see it as a demon but subconsciously you may not - therefore there is no issue!
I'm not even sure what I label as a demon. I certainly seem to have problems with many things that others take for granted. I have loads of them. Meeting people...unless it's within the course of my job (which I have confidence in), looking in the mirror. Having photos taken...though when I have a piccie taken, I seem to be able to pretend it's not me really :D

I think I disassociate myself. Not just from others, but from 'me'. To be honest, I still can't accept that I've lost the weight. I muddle it over in my mind trying to make sense of it. Can't get to grips with it at all. I've also given up smoking, but again, it's not really's that person who goes to work and pretends that she's strong. If people on forums tell me I've done well, I don't know what to say....because they are using my name....a case of mistaken identity. I feel a fraud, yet deep down I know I've lost it....but sometimes it really still feels like a dream.

So yeah....crazy mixed up weird me.

As for other substituting addictions. Do it all the time. I am eating really quite healthily with pleasure but I'm storing snacks loads of them, that I'll never get through. Why?? Mystery to me. I know this is a new addiction I'll have to fight.

Another one is a constant paranoia about my weight. I think that will lesson as time goes on.

I suppose I'm not expecting to lose my addictions. I just assumed they were in my genes. I've always been thankful that I never took to drink and on the constant look out for healthy addictions to replace the others. Never assuming that I could go through life without one:confused:

Oh goodness. Sorry. I have gone on :eek:
Ever watched the film "three faces of Eve"?

Good film ;)
Karion - have you got multiple personalities then? I know I have!!!!!

No, I haven't.

Yes, you have


Anyhoo - what I was going to say was this:-

I did my first guided session last night and did my habit diary thingy this morning, reading over what I'd gone through last night and I am happy and quite astonished to report that today has been an extremely successful one for me with regards to not stuffing my face.

Phrases from the guided session and the 10 habits have been going through my head all day and I honestly don't want to eat bad stuff right now.

That's good, innit?

Will revisit the stuff again tomorrow (or later on tonight if I'm cracking) - fingers crossed, hey?

I did it. OMG - I feel scared, vulnerable and afraid. I like being fat because i can avoid situations, events and people. Noone feels threatened by me but I feel invisible when I am ignored and like my potential and talents are undervalued, unacknowledged and often exploited.
I have lost over 4 stone now and I look very different - it is scary because I am more (ironically) visible than before.
I am afraid because I cannot talk about my weight/food issues with my husband. He met me fat and has never said anything about my new shape or loss.
OMG- what to do? I will never turn to food for comfort again and it is so hard, this has been the hardest realisation in my whole diet journey - food is not my friend, companion, lover or consolation and I am afraid of what this means to the rest of my life.
Pat yourself on the back you have truly started your weight loss journey!!!

You are not losing your friend, etc....instead what you will gain is a real appreciation and enjoyment of food....think quality and not quantity.

And remember we're right here with you, hun! :)
GM, your post brought to mind a very vivid dream I had when my heart was broken by a cad.

I dreamt that I lived in a world where you could either live underground in caves - all dark and gloomy but safe. Or you could live on the surface, which was bright and sunny but inhabited by crocodiles. In my dream, I chose to live on the surface and to step over the crocodiles and when I woke up, I just thought - right then - no more hiding from the world.

You have a choice now, darling - stay in the shadows where you feel as if no-one can hurt you or go out there and feel the sun on your face.

lots of love
i am about 3/4 the way through on this course - it has proved invaluable in learning about myself, what your triggers are and more importantly what do about it - and improving my self esteem. recommend it
havent looked in a couple of weeks but when i first started it - i would do the guided session as soon as it was avaibale and then complete the homework in two evenings throughout the week.

after each seesion i print it off and keep it in a file which i read through a lot