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Restart Diary 5/1/11

Last time I did CD I found a daily diary a real help, sadly my job means I can't get onto the computer as much so I will update as often as I can.

Day 1:
Well it was an early shift at work so not too much temptation I joined everyone for lunch but had a brick it was stressful at all I did feel like I wanted what every one else was having. Evening I was at my dads for our last family get together over christmas as I was working at christmas, they all had dinner I sat in the other room I was a but peeved as I was tired, cold and hungry and I could of given in but I didn't.

Day 2: I have lost 2lbs this morning and I am feeling focused and I really want to get this weight off and sorted before the summer rush that everyone else will be doing.
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Why Be Normal?
Hi KerryBerry --

I remember you. You have done so well. Welcome back. I am back, too. Never stuck the CD out long enough to relose what I gained back after LL -- but this time I will.

You look so good in your pictures.

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I am back to the picture number 3 but I am focused and I know what I did wrong so I am here to fix it and I am not leaving till it is lol.
It all went wrong when I became a consultant as I hadn't finished my journey before I started to help others and my priorities changed I have learnt from those mistakes and I didn't get to my goal weight therefore never made it throught the plans which I plan to do this time round.


Why Be Normal?
Hi KB,

So you did what I did -- I did not complete management and started to fall back into my old ways, plus did not make my health and fitness a priority. I gained back about 1/2 to 2/3s of my loss. Now, i am determined to get it back off and work to keep it off.

BTW -- picture 3 is still very good and quite an improvement on picture 1.

OMG that first picture makes me feel sick I don't know how I got like that and I don't recognise her at all, but I did avoid mirrors alot lol.
I know as a consultant how important working up the plans is but I didn't listen to myself, I am ready to finish this thing now as its driving me mad that I nearly got there and let myself slip back.
I have started writing my blog on here again and re-reading my last one has helped but we will get there because we know it works its hard but it works


Why Be Normal?
I agree -- we've done it so we know we can. And, I am trying hard to not beat myself up over regaining. I am looking at the positive -- at least I stopped myself before I regained it all -- and, so far, I am sticking to it (day 11 ssing, day 1 "official" CD weight start).

Day 4. 8lbs gone 4 more and that first stone gone, the 1st week is always good and I am holding onto this feeling for motivation. Maybe I will be back in those size 12/14 sooner rather than later


Why Be Normal?
Fantastic progress Kerry -- that must be so motivational. We'll be in those tiny clothes again, soon.



Stubborn tortoise
Hello Kerry... well done! So inspiring, and boy do I need inspiration right now... good to see a familiar face! Keep on keeping on...

Kerry, that's brilliant! Like Katycakes said, inspirational! We just all need to get through the next few hours and another day will be completed. I've managed to distract myself from the empty feeling by posting and reading an exchange on a thread about spelling and grammar! It completed got rid of the empty feeling my head was telling me I had!
I am really struggling tonight so I am distracting myself with reorganising my bedroom and playing with hubby on the ps3. I used to use different tactics like baths and doing my nails it all helps, we will get there because we want to change so hang in there ladies xxx
Well done Kerry! You must feel great. I'm on day five but haven't weighed yet but feel so much better in every way. Junk makes me feel lousy. Keep up the good work. We WILL get there ;-)
Me too, started feeling sorry forself because can't have a drink or Friday treat, but then it's because I had a lifetime's worth of Friday treats since June......I put on 4st 7 from May 15th til Jan 3rd!
My new Netbook is a huge help.

Weekends are always the hardest for me.

Stay strong, not long until that 1st stone will be under your belt.
Mrs T X
Day 5 for me ladies and I am back to work so the real test begins but I am in ketosis and not feeling hungry so it should be to hard. I weigh myself every morning just to get me through those hard first 4 days as it helps keep me on track I am 9lbs down today so over the moon. It was sole destroying to see the scales at 15st 4 again after all my hard work last year and the now say 14st 9 already so I can't wait for it to keep going down, sadly I know the weight loss will slow down after the first week but I am so pleased that I am nearl at that first stone mark. I have been looking back at my pics to remind myself of how much I loved being thinner and how much being over weight affected my everyday life I loved being a size 12/14 and I hate being a size 18 so thats the bottom line.

Good luck girls remember to take it one day at a time and you will get there xx


Why Be Normal?
Fantstic Loss KerryBerry!!!

Hi KB --

Happy to hear you are staying motivated! Being in ketosis is certainly a gift (it does help with the hunger for the most part).

I know how you feel --

I miss "needing to wear a belt" to keep my trousers up!

I miss being lighter than my teenage son!

I miss being able to look at the size smalls on a rack!

I could on and on...

here's to getting back to our fitter selves.

Day 6 and I had a sleep in at work and that's when I normally fall apart, it may be called a sleep in but I normally get no sleep. I have done better than I expect but I have had only 2 hrs sleep and feeling a bit wobbly but I am just going to go to bed before I do something silly.

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