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Restarting today, 3rd June


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Well I've crept back up to 14st 11lbs on my counsellors scales, so after admitting to myself I can't manage to lose weight by healthy eating, in fact I end up bingeing and gaining weight, I'm starting s/sing again today.

I'm giving myself a bit of slack in that I'm allowing myself to have as many packs as I need so I don't end up ill, as I can't be getting ill and dizzy at work. So far I've had 3. If I have 5 I won't feel bad, it's better than eating and even bingeing. Then I can cut down over the next few days until I'm back on 3 a day. I've done it before and I can do it again. I haven't put back everything that I lost either, I'm still over 1st down from where I started.

Anyone else restarting?
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Have a look at the 98 day thread-we are all trying!


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great minds think alike!


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If you're sure that's ok! You all seemed to know each other on there and I didn't want to "barge in". Will head on over :)


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Hi Emma how is it going today.

I allow myself to have up to 4 packs a day as sometimes just knowing you can have an extra one does help to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Good luck

good luck bailey x


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Good luck Bailey, I hope your new start is going well.

Love Mini xxx


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Hey guys, thanks all. First few days were fine but I had a bit of a wobble involving brioche and jaffa cakes at the weekend! I did lose 2 and a quarter lbs though so all is not lost! Am back on track as of today, had 2 packs so far. Onwards and downwards...


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Where are we now with it? I find the 98 day thread helpful. It has made me go back on rather than let one downfall continue!


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hey Bailey :)

That's a brill idea to have 4 shakes instead of 3 untill your able to cut back down to 3 :) I may consider doing this as i'm struggling badly right now! Thanks for that tip ;)

Good luck Bailey :)

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