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Hey Guys,

Well I joined this site months ago and was really motivated...I was doing weightwatchers and feeling really confident...people were saying I was loosing weight and looking really healthy.

However, since then summer came about, I failed one of my assignments at University so was taking a lot of the time doing that and just stopping following what I was intaking in my body. I suppose that had a knock on my confidence and I went back to my safe place of emotional eating.

Tonight was a real eye opener...I tried on a dress that I wore at a Christmas party for a wedding this Friday and while it still fitted it was very uncomfortable, a bit tight and was pulled up because of the weight that I had put on. Luckily we ordered 2 sizes and the larger one fits me so I'll be wearing that Friday however that was not an outcome I was expecting.

I feel really disappointed in myself for putting on how much weight that I have but it has really given me a fight to get back on track. I'm sorry for my ramblings on and hope I haven't bored you into tears but just thought I would share.

Good luck to all of you guys who are restarting like me :) Hopefully we can support one another!

Charley :) x
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Ohhhh I hate that realisation feeling, it will get better two days after you restart and you'll get that buzz that you're doing something. I have a similar amount of weight to loose and am only days in so feel your pain! University is a hard time to loose weight, all that time you have to spend sat in the library etc...then there's the alcohol. I lost weight at uni by going out loads, but I didn't do so well in my studies :-/
OOohh Im so the same. Lost over 2 stone on WW, plateaued for months and gave up in temper (silly me). regained most of the weight I lost :'( Starting again. SOOOOO gonna do it this time! :) x

Edit: Just noticed we're about the same weight. Lets kick our flabs ass!
Thank you for the support guys :) yes let's totally kick the flabs ass!! Uni is so hard to diet...being a primary teacher and always being around cake and biscuits on placement is difficult! X
You'll get to your goal weight, dont worry! I'm at uni and I ALWAYS eat the worst foods imaginable when it comes to revising/doing assignments. I guess it's because food is the only pleasure achievable whilst studying hard. If you're not already, try and get lots of exercise at uni, I try to swim 4 times a week because a) I have the time for it (an English student doesn't get that many lectures) and b) it definitely sets me up for studying throughout the day. I hope that helps xxx
That does help! My course is more full on...always got something we have to do! Hardly any time to spare but I'm planning to do couch to 5K however I'm scared people will stare...I know it sounds silly! :( luckily we have private gardens were we live so hopefully can use that :) x

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