retaining water?


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I think I'm retaining water today.. :tear_drop: :cry:

yesterday I drank ( as usual ) 2l of diet cola and probably 1.5-2l of fresh coffee... and pee'd like a racehorse every hour or so as you might expect..

today I switched to water ( on advice from here that caffein would make me retain water.. how ironic? ) and although I've drunk 2l of pure water at work and 4 or 5 large glasses ( must be about 500ml ) of NAS-squash since getting home, I've only pee'd 3 or 4 times all day and feel bloated.. I've also gained a pound since yesterday according to the scales... :(

Hope it shifts by tomorrow since it's WI night after work... :)
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You're probably dehydrated after yesterdays wee wee extravaganza!!!!! Caffeine is a diuretic, hence the trips to the loo!!!


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Don't know who said that caffeine would make you retain water, as Kim is right, it's a diuretic, so would be more likely to dehydrate your.

I find that if I start drinking lots following a drought, then it can take a while for it to filter through my body, but once it does i'm to and fro the loo! I suppose it's got to rinse out our system before it can flush out the toxins!!

If you're properly hydrated then your wee should be very pale yellow and practically clear. If it's anything darker than that then top up with water.


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Yep I agree with the above posters. :) Surely it's not healthy to be drinking 2ltrs of coffee a day though? :confused: (Sorry for my ignorance.... I am not a hot drink drinker ;)) x


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The diet coke would have lots of caffiene in it too unless you buy the caffiene-free version. Between the coffee and the diet coke you would be having lots of caffiene and that's why you were going to the toilet a lot. Maybe your body is balancing your fluid levels now that you aren't having so much of the diuretic effect.