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  1. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    here I go again... This time with a new attitude, new counselor (not by choice but my previous one is on holiday :eek:) and I'm rearing to go!!) and 7 events between now and august 2012 that'll be very uncomfortable if I stay at my current weight!
    Went to see my new counselor on Sunday and was mortified when I weighed in at 17.5 stones! This is probably the heaviest I've been EVER! I agreed to be measured, but decided to spare myself the horror of the results!
    So having completed 3 days on SS + (with an extra shake) I'm feeling pretty good. Having found this forum and reading through others experiences has definitely been an amazing help as well. Thank you.

    My motto for this journey: success is not always doing what you like... But likely what you do...

    All the best for your personal journeys... Let's kick this demon where it hurts!
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  3. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Day 4 and I've moved from 4 shakes to 3... Absolutely starving and my mood is very low... I think it's time for bed :(

    Good night
  4. Vally12

    Vally12 Member

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    Cambridge Diet

    Ive been feeling really low too. I'm also on day three of ss+. Why don't you go back to four shakes to see if it helps u feel better x
  5. Illa

    Illa Silver Member

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    Mostly raw vegan
    I always wondered how you guys can do on 3 shakes, it must be hell ;) 4 shakes is barely enough and I'm happy when like today I can do 5 (because I missed one yesterday ;)
  6. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    I graduate in exactly 12 weeks from now... And im dreading the photos :( i decided to try and stick to 3 shakes. Fortunately I've got a quiet weekend ahead... So hopefully I can sleep it off!
    If I don't feel better by Monday... Im definitely going back to 4.
  7. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    First WI and I've shed a whopping 10lb... I'm absolutely over the moon...
    Bring on week 2.

    Good luck all
  8. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Day 8 and I'm wide awake and ready to take on the world. Ketosis is amazing :)

    Good luck for today
  9. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    I'm on day 10 although ive only been on SS for 6 days... Everything is going well however this morning I woke up with really bad stomach cramps... Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Woo woo Week 2 WI and another 8lbs shed!

    I'm so happy :)
  11. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Week 3 WI and 4lbs down.... I must however admit that I fell off the wagon yesterday... :( But I've had a strong word with myself.... Afterall I am the only person that I'm cheating on, right?

    So this morning I've woken up with a new attitude... Yes, ive lapsed, but I will NOT relapse or collapse!!

    Good luck for next week all x
  12. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Week 4 & 5 combined weight loss equals 6 lbs.. A bit slow..but I'm getting there :)
  13. cari71

    cari71 Full Member

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    Hi cheekmeister,
    your losses have been amazing! You're doing really well. Is it your first time on CD? Got my 4th weigh in tomorrow :s xxx
  14. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Hi Cari
    Thank you....
    Nope this is my third attempt.
    Congrats on reaching week 4... How have you been finding it? Is this your first time on cd
  15. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Ps good luck for your WI!!
  16. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Week 6 WI and another 5lbs gone! Just over half way there!
    Good luck for next everyone
  17. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Week 7 and 4lbs shed...
    Found this week very hard for some reason... However, I've made it to the 14 stone bracket now!
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  19. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Weeks 8 and 9 = total loss of 6lbs
    That brings me to my 3 stone mark!!
  20. shrinkin'violet

    shrinkin'violet Silver Member

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    Wow youre doing so so well! How do you feel? When is graduation? Are you close to target? Ooh check me with all the questions lol x
  21. fattoslim

    fattoslim Full Member

    Wow you doing really well in 9weeks you have lost 3 stones that's fab I wish I have good results like you.
  22. cheekmeister

    cheekmeister Member

    Week 10 + 11 a total of 8lbs loss!
    Thanks ladies... I graduate on tuesday the 22nd on nov so only a few days to go.
    This is my stats for the 12 weeks:
    Starting weight : 17.5 stones
    Current weight: 13.12 stones
    Starting dress size: 22 - 24
    Current dress size: 16 - 18
    Starting BMI : 40
    Current: 31

    Goal weight (at the moment) 12.5 stones
    Good luck!
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