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Returning to LT


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Hi all,

Well im back on LT quite upset with myself as i put on 1 1/2stone in the last 6 mnths but its my fault and no one elses. Not sure if there's anyone out there who remebers me but im sure we'll all get along fine cu you most nights so good luck to all of you any support i can give will be forth coming so start shaking the shakes and drinking the lovely stuff xx
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I will be skinny again!!!

Hiya!! I remember you!!!

Well done for only gaining 1 and a halfstones in 6months..

I gained 3 stone in 3 months :( :( not good! So im back but on Exante this time!!

When did you restart?


Size 14 here i come!
Hi and welcome back. I remember you too, my first go was sept 2008, definately saw you around. I'm back after putting 2st on in the last 9 months and now need to put a stop to it!


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hi guys well were in it together restarted 09 jan been messing with slim fast but its got to beall or nothing whats this exante everyones on about i need to work out how to update my signature any help guys xx


Size 14 here i come!
I'll leave the exante explanation to chelly as she is on it!


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Hi I've put on over a stone in a month so don't be to down on yourself. the good thing is your restarting and taking control before it gets too out of hand. I'll be restarting too as soon as my doctor gives the ok. xxx good luck with the restart.


I will be skinny again!!!
Ok firstly signature..

Got to user cp and then the edit signature option!

Exante is basically just another meal replacement diet.. but being in northern ireland its alot cheaper for me!! :)

There are more flavours but they arent all the greatest like!

Little Miss Living

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Hey Fraggle, i def remember seeing you around on this and seriously you'll have lost that in no time at all!!! Unfortunately i really messed up 5&half stone gained in 9 months (hard year, no excuse,my own fault just didn't care)! At least you nipped it in the bud! Well this time i'm gonna get to goal whether its on LT or ww etc Bought a cheap little cross trainer and everything! start in the morning! BTW anyone know how to change your ticker when you've forgotten the pin????
Ah well, anyway.... nice to see a familiar user here and best of luck xxxxxxxxx

rainbow brite

Little Miss Living - when you forget your PIN unfortunately there's nothing for it but to make a new one

Fraggle - hey sweets! I def remember you! I'm back too after maintaining for a bit and then ballooning back up to a major heffer! We'll do it this time and make sure it's the last time :D


Getting fat since 1980
another 'rememberer' here! *waves*
i restarted again on sunday having put on all but 6lb of the 50lb i lost last time (all back on over twelve months - *sigh*)


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cheers Chelly we can do this guys as long as we support each other heres to another good day xx


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hi welcome back as you can see from my signiture i'm a restarter too, best of luck :)


on the up lol
Heya Frag, welcome bk :) RESTARTED TO LOL