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  1. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Well a couple of points to establish;
    ?LT is fab and really works, I've had great success previously
    ?I'm an emotional eater
    ?I have been yoyoing roughly a stone a week over the past few months by trying and failing to get back onto LT
    ?This cannot be good for me, certainly not my mood
    ?I have been effectively binging and fasting with LT
    ?I need support

    I'm 14st + at the moment, I will weigh in the morning, I plan 8 weeks TFR and estimate a 3st loss. I just need to get my focus, but I know I need support! This forum is a lifeline for LTers! So I guess what I'm saying is "hello" & "please help"!!!!

    I want my mojo back ??? xx
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  3. IrishSam

    IrishSam Member

    Hi again YeYe :)

    I just wanted to say that yours was one of the most inspiring stories on here for me when I first started Lipotrim (well, my 2nd start, the 1st only lasted a week). I think most can identify with the emotional eating, I certainly can. I haven't cheated on my journey so far but there have been times when I'm down or hormonal or whatever, and of course my first instinct, and the only one for the rest of the day, is to eat. I love this diet but I'm afraid I'll never break that emotional dependence on all things fattening and yummy!

    I think this forum might be a lot quieter now than when you were on your journey before. I'm not very confident in what to say so I'm more of a lurker than a poster but I want to offer support any way I can..we all need it. Your achievement has been huge!! Simply amazing and what keeps me going on LT. You know you can do it again, especially when you know the ups and downs. And you've got so much less to lose, you'll do it no problem. Wee buns! Well, wee shakes and brick flapjacks instead:D

    Good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow, let us know how you get on xx
  4. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Oh hi Sam and thank u so much! That made me feel emotional!

    Weigh in this morning 14st 6lbs
    One shake down and chugging the water :)
    Here we go.............
  5. Thornhill Cate

    Thornhill Cate 50+ and fabulous

    Hi YeYe, I'm back here too, but on Exante not LT. I started last Monday weighing in at 17st 2lbs which is 1st 1lb heavier than when I did LT back in 2011. It's been a gradual creeping back up which I haven't been happy about and I've had a couple of unsuccessful attempts to do TFR again but have never really managed to get going. However, tipping over into the 17s was the catalyst. My first weigh in was today and I'm 8lbs down so pretty happy with that. Just wanted to say hi and wish you luck in getting back to your goal. I'm sure it won't take long as I know how disciplined you are. :)
  6. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Hi there, oh I too know that horrible yoyo dieting. I have been loosing 5lb then binge & end up putting on 8lb. I have managed to go up to just short of 2 stone more than I was when I initially wanted to start loosing. I eat when im stressed or just feeling low. I hope you can get your strength back & I can find mine as well.x
  7. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Thank u!
    After much to-ing and fro-ing I am finally on LT 100% as of yest, Sat, Sun & Mon I had 2 shakes and carb free meal. It helped me get in my stride. 8 weeks is the plan.
    Good luck all and thanx again for ur support xx
  8. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Hi YeYe, just wondering.. Would u not be better over with us on the Day1 thread? We're all on TFR.. But past Day 1?? It's more active on there
  9. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Yeah cheers x
  10. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Just wanted to pop on to say that you're doing great, well done for getting back into the zone! I also want to lose 3 stone in 8 weeks and after much faffing about, have finally realised that it's now or never lol
  11. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Good for u. It's great once u get into the right mindset x

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