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So me again... wondering as I do... how do you reward yourself?

Do you treat yourself to something new.. shoes etc or give yourself a pat on the back.. maybe you nip to the beauty salon for a quick treatment....

Just interested in how each of us say Well done to ourselves?

Haha your not going to say... bar of chocolate are you? are you? lol
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I don't reward myself, money's a bit tight these days and I have to make do with the stickers and the round of applause from class! My clothes are getting rather baggy now and I'm hoping my partner will take pity on me and treat me if I drop enough hints!


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I treat myself, figure I deserve it and need something to make me feel good. I like expensive toiletries, so thats what I will treat myself with, although my first treat was a new leather handbag!


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I think if we treat ourselves to something or know that we are also working towards something then it will inspire us even more.... it doesn't have to be expensive does it... if you have a large family... what about saying... if I lose what ever weight by saturday.. I get the day.. no cooking or cleaning and getting to do what you want?

Go to the pictures, mind you I don't think that is cheap now in the uk is it?... what about a nice home made facial with just time to yourself?

But yes I like the idea of a new leather bag... I have had my eye on one for a while but tad more than what I wanted to pay... we will see how well I do... but for now... I am going to treat my face and body to some treatments :))


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i reward myself by trawling round the shops like new look, dorothy perkins ans QS and peacocks and buying things in the sale for my size, i won't pay full prices for any clothes until i get to goal bought two pairs of trousers in QS yesterday in sale for £8.80

Last week i bought two tops and a new belt in dorothy perkins in SIZE 18

and before that i bought two tops in new look IN SIZE 18

i started off in size 22/24 top
and size 22/24 in trousers!!!!!


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i havent rewarded myself yet with anything. i just love the feeling i get every week when ive lost weight. makes me so happy for the next few days!! maybe when im at target i might save for a massage or something :)


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I went pony trekking with the kids last week and loved it! First time back in the saddle for 20 years:D


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I just treated myself to a pair of Versace sunglasses. But, got them off Ebay. They came today and they look brand new. They were £140.00 but I got them for £1.20!! :eek:


I ate my willpower!
S: 21st6.0lb C: 21st6.0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Blimey well done, that really is a bargain!
Yea I though so too. They are really nice, They have the Versace face on each of the arms. When the glasses are on, the face comes together (if that makes sense). Came with the genuine case too! I love Ebay. I buy loads of the kids stuff off there too.

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