Fighting Demons....
My mother is doing my tree in! Possibly in a caring "i'm so proud of you" type way but anyhoo, she is insisting that she treat me for each stone I lose. So for my first stone, I had my hair did. Cus it needed doing. I'm now almost at 2 and a half stone and she keeps asking me what I want for my 2 stone treat!

Anyone got any ideas? Cus I am soo completely brain dead at the moment.

B x
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Busy busy busy!!
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Nails?? Spray tan?? Massage?? Piece of jewelry?? Scarf?? ........... I could go on for hours - send her my way!! What a lovely supportive mum!!!


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How about telling her to save up the money she would spend on a treat so you can go on a MAHoosive clothes shopping spree when you get to target???

Bless I think its lovely that she is so proud of you.



Fighting Demons....
Hmmmm..... a plan emerges!

Actually, as she is running away and leaving me to go on a damn cruise to the carribbean where it is hot. I may get her to buy me a coat, cus I am freezing!

B x


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Tange....thats a cracking idea!!!!!