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Ria Diva ... getting onto the stage

Hi my names maria but my friends know me as maria ria diva star carr so short ria diva. i am 18 years old. ive just started lipo trim and at the moment im 14 stone 4 i think. i want to try and get to 9 and 1/2. so far im sruglling im on day 5 and im not going to lie have already thought aboout calling it a day. but ive never really stuck to everything and want to prove to myself i can do. i love performing arts and its what im studying at university. what i have learnt though unfair or not is that most directors type cast and the bigger you are the more unlikely chance of getting say for example the part of belle in beauty and the beast. my main reason is to lose it so i can audition for bigger characters and start my career off. secondly i'm very unhealthy with a bmi of 33 OBESE. my grandparents and nan and grandad always bring up my weight when i see them its "o maria your big why dont you lose some weight" but my family are italian and are known to speak their thoughts so ive kinda got used to it but i want to be able to go home next time and for them to look at me and say woow youve lost weight. i know i shouldnt do this for other people im doing it for myself as well i want to prove to people i can do it. but like i said before i am getting doubts its easy writing it down on paper but sticking to well thats a different story. ill fill you in on my first weigh in which is on saturday , ive just got to keep pushing myself towards that finish line!
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Grit your teeth. You CAN do this! Good luck :) xx


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Well done for starting and good luck with ur weigh in! whenever ur feeling tempted log on here it really does help!! everyone is so supportive, good luck xx


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Maria, keep at it hunny, you won't regret it. I'm not going to lie to you, it's hard going especially the first week. Focus on your goals (and I don't just mean weight) all the things you said up there about your aspirations for your career and making your family proud.
If you can get through the first week, you can do it all! And what's one teeny tiny little measly week in the grand scheme of things. Any time you get the evil cravings, stop... think... re-focus... drink some water... come on here and we'll distract you, give you support, give you a telling off -whatever you need :)

You're going to be great and if you do this now you won't have wasted the best years of your life being fat like me (I'm 30 in March) I was about the same weight as you at 18, just didn't do anything about it and regret that so much :(

All the best Maria Ria Diva Star Carr, you can do it... one day at a time ;) xxx


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Hi Ria Diva
The hardest part of this diet is getting your head right. If your head is in the right place, you'll ignore all the physical symptoms of the first few days because of the bigger picture of your goal i.e. "getting onto the stage". You CAN DO THIS. And all the fantastic people on this website will help you.
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Hiya hun.. You CAN do this, and you WILL do this... Lots of luck x x
Day 6, woke up this morning and felt really good wasnt hungry had my shake but yet 4 o clock has come and im feeling hungry again and the same thoughts keep happening "o god 4 months without food". i cant wait for this weigh tommorow im hoping it will give me the ummpf i need plus i can change my milkshake to chicken soup so it actually feels like im drinking food. hope everyone is ok! x
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If it helps hun, take it shake by shake... When you feel like that it can make it easier to just think "If i still feel like this after my next shake i will think again", and you will go through it without even realising.. You are doing really well.. This diet is very hard, but your weight loss will make you so proud that you didn't give in x x


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hey girlie! why not make some mini goals and write them down somewhere where you can see then all the time. like lose 7lbs, get into a certain BMI, fit into a certain dress etc! it really helps instead of looking at things in the long run! otherwise youll just get annoyed at how long you have left! ..keep sipping that water and keep posting so you can get some more room in your signature to put goals etc... good luck xx
thank you :)
day 7 weight I LOST 6LBS :) :) i cant believe thats like just about half a stone in a week i cant believe it im really glad i stuck with it! i tried the peanut flapjack today and yuk it was horrible. for this week i have chicken soup, hot chocolate and strawberry milkshake looking forward to trying new things :D i feel so better about myself and im deffo going to stick with just looking at the weigh scales saying 13st 12 i was just like im gonna keep doing this wow :D :D :D


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I've congratulated you on your other post but woohoo again! :D

You should try and cut your goal into lots of mini goals so we can congratulate you more :D Losing 4 stone seems a long way off but if you make your next goal to get a stone off, you could be there in a couple of short weeks. Glad to hear you're feeling much more positive today hun, I thought we were going to lose you to the evil cravings yesterday, phew! Well done for sticking in there and being strong xxx


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hey girlie well done.. 6lbs off if fantastic , same as me for week 1! i knew you could do it :) youre on a roll now,, dont give in, you can do it :D x
thank you feel much better today my boyfriend was eating a sausage sandwich and it didnt even bother me :) was just thinking though im going home to cambridge on the 5th and 6th february and i dont want my parents to know im doing this diet. if i ate would i be able to go back on it on the monday or not. i mean the pharmacist said something about doign for a month and some people have a break so couild i do that bit annoyed about it unless you have any suggestions for me not eating but my parents are italian and i always eat even when im hungry :/ ps the hot choco is well nice :D


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You could have a break I suppose, try not too eat too many carbs though, it should make you get into ketosis quicker when you get back on it, and you may also see a big increase on the scales (not actually fat, but disheartening nonetheless) it would help you to understand why if you read the Refeed Forum, I haven't quite got my head around it yet but its something to do with glycogen stores and water - BUT remember you'll have to go through week one again when you start back on the Monday. The thought of that is enough to make me not want to have a break lol!

See how you feel closer to the time, you might not want to have a break and you could explain to your parents the reasons why you are doing LT and explain to them how it works and that you'll be eating with them again very soon, possibly even the next time you see them after the 5th/6th Feb?

All the best xx
OKay firstly just wanna say thanks to all the support you guys have given me it has helped. but im on day 8 now and ive got to say every night i've been on this i end up getting grumpy hungry and agitated. my friends are proberbly getting fed up of me changing my mind constantly. i came on here to knock some sense into my head and i couldhnt help notice that pretty much 8o percent of the replies i have read are doing this for the second time. i might have the wrong end of the stick here but it seems everyone puts the weight back on afterwards, so whats the point in me doing this if im just going to put the weight back on. i might sound like a grumpy imature person but like i said my mood swings are really bad at the moment


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Ria, I think a lot of people took a break for Christmas, which is totally understandable! The way I see it is, you've got to want to make this change. If your head isn't in the right place then you might as well not do it, because if you're not willing to change your life then you probably will end up putting it all back on. Read over the advice everyone has given you again... how much do you want this? It's all up to you, it's difficult yes, but not impossible! Come on girl, get rid of those grumpy thoughts, stop feeling sorry for yourself and turn this into a positive thing that your doing for YOU!

Try to keep yourself busy in the evenings, try drinking some black tea or coffee to tide you over, go to the maintenance forum and read the success stories. All these things that you crave will still be there when you finish!



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hey maria..as paula said yo uneed to have your head in the right place.

Thing is with weigh loss is if you do something like this and then go back to eating like you did before youre going to put the weight back on obviously. Lt is time away from food to address you food issues and make a plan to stick to for life.

If you do LT and then follow a calorie controlled diet once at goal weight you WILL not i repeat WILL not put the weight back on!

If you are overweight you carry more fat cells that a person who has been slim all their lives. these fat cells can never go away they can only shrink. therefore it is a lot easier for people who have lost weigh to gain it back as its easy to fill those fat cells again as they are there.

Once of LT it is not plain sailing, if anyting it will be a bigger challenge than the LT journey itself, but if your happy with your size and you worked hard enough at it you will be happy to work hard to keep your body that way by exercising and eating healthily.

You have to understand that even with weight watchers slimming world, atkins every diet, people are going to keep coming back after having children, injuries or just putting it back on over time. Theres nothing different about this diet apart from it gets you to goal quicker.


dont worry about your mood that will change but if you are serious about losing the weight and changing your life and youre ready to do that now, then this diet is for you! :D

And statistically 2/3rd of people who lose weight put it back on and more...its proven, im doing psychology and i learnt it for my health exam. We just have to make sure we are in that 1/3 that doesnt. Which would you rather be, someone who doesnt lose weight because they think theyll put it back on again, or someone who gets to goal and works their bum off to stay like that! :)

you know you can do this :) hope the info helps xx


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Maria, think about it sweetheart .......the people who have successfully kept the weight off aren't going to bother logging on here just to tell you guys about how they're doing are they? No, they're too busy getting on with the rest of their lives......

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