Rich Chicken Gravy

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  1. Atropos

    Atropos Gold Member

    I just made some!

    It takes some time and work ahead of time, but this is what I did:

    1.) Take two chicken carcases (I used the bones from two I cooked last month - once I'd stripped them I popped them in a bag in the freezer, but my local butchers sell bags of carcases for pence)

    2.) Pop them in a pot with a couple of pints of water and a roughly chopped onion, carrot and stick of celery.

    3.) Bring to the boil and allow to simmer for a couple of hours while you do something more exciting.

    4.) Strain the liquid off into a bowl and throw everything else away.

    5.) Let the bowl of chicken stock cool and then put into the fridge.

    6.) when you come back to it the next day the stock will be jellied, and all the fat will have risen to the top.

    7.) Scrape the fat off, put the jelly into a pan, and simmer until it is reduced to a thick golden brown sticky gravy. Add seasoning - salt, pepper, thyme, lemon juice etc.

    I then keep of jug of this in the fridge and boil up a few tablespoons to add to roast chicken dinners, or to make a quick soup.

    No bistro, no cornflour, no oxo, no caramel...
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  3. CaledoniaDreaming

    CaledoniaDreaming Silver Member

    I've been doing this & beef gravy using bones too, saves on tolerateds and tastes lovely. Yum.
  4. sarafvrm

    sarafvrm Gold Member

    Made this and had it with my roast chicken dinner yesterday - what a transformation! Thanks very much for posting.
  5. stephie77

    stephie77 Silver Member

    when you boil the carcasses add some herbs, garlic and an onion! makes a massive difference..... you can also use it for the base for soup/broth

  6. Emskylou

    Emskylou Full Member

    Just pinched this receipe for future dinners!" Sounds Yum!" :D
  7. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    sounds really good, will be trying it for sure
  8. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    ooo thansk for bumping this monty, sounds good.
  9. Alcofrollic

    Alcofrollic Full Member

    Oh wow, I was eating a roast chicken lastnight, and wanted something to be dipping it in other than the usual Dukan sauces. I kept the bones so I'll be making this for sure! Yum!
  10. Alcofrollic

    Alcofrollic Full Member

    I tried this recipe and I'm not sure what happened.. But, I reduced the stock down, and while it was on the heat still it looked a lovely consistency, looked and smelled delicious. However when I tasted it, it was way too overpowering, and not very nice at all. While I was figuring out what I could do with it, it cooled down in the pan, and jellified again. Quite a dense jelly though, I could pick it up and fold it up, so thats what I did... Folded it up, put it in a container and back in the fridge. It's just like my own stock cube now, so thats how I'm using it lol.

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