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This is really getting to me.

This is now my second week on induction, and my 14days induction period will be up on Sunday night.

I was 14st when I started
13st 10 when I weighed on Monday
13st 11 today.

I've checked and I'm in ketosis, just finished totm, not eating nothing thats not induction legal, no franken foods.

I feel like this :copon::break_diet:
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Stick with it Lexie, I stayed on induction for 6 months. Can you go to user CP and post your stats, I don't know how much you feel you need to lose, it would help as the stats calculate your BMI and stuff.


I don't have a problem staying on induction if I see results. But I'm not seeing them,

I don't find induction restrictive or terribly hard beyond the now occassional sweet craving, but why is it not shifting?

I don't expect you to tell me why its not shifting, although if your can it would be great, I'm just having a moan.
OK, I understand Lexie, moan away. I'm a bit perplexed as well, especially if you are in ketosis, you should be losing. Keep trying love, it has to shift soon.


Happy to be slim at last
Are you measuring yourself Lexie? It's worth doing that as you might just be retaining water? I am finding I am recently (my TOTM has gone out of sync!) so I am going to try the Aqua Ban that Sukie mentioned on another thread. Could you still be retaining water after your TOTM?

Hang in there.


I'm retaining rage and disppointemtn, dunno about water.

Will keep steady water intake over next few days and try not to cry on Sunday morning.
Simple - weighing inbetween weigh days is worse than snacking between meals!
measuring yourself weekly is the way to go, no weighing inbetween it causes all sorts of problems, and your probably still retaining from totm, it doesnt all just gush away the day you finish lol,


Well it should.

Its so unfair being a woman in the weight loss stakes.

Moan over, stuck to it today (well mostly, licked husbands strawberry bon bon). Fingers crossed for Monday

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