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Right come on people we need to stop blipping!


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I'm as guilty as everyone else for having the occasional nibble. Its not good and it must stop!

We all need to tell ourselves that its ok to not eat something, that we really don't need it, not to overcome a craving, not to manage stress, not just because someone left it on their plate instead of throwing it in the bin! lol

I'm not saying that we are failures but if we don't learn to cope without the food crutch then we will never be able to adjust our relationships with food and maintaining our loss when we reach target will be so much harder.

So come on everyone pull yourselves up by your boot straps and get on with the diet!

My mantra for today is i do not need to eat to feel good. I do not need to eat to entertain myself. I do not need to eat to not waste food.

Right so my commitment today is to not let any of you down and stay 100%

Commit below if you agree!
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I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


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I agree 100% .. to be honest with you Im on week 10 from tomorrow and havent had any food what so ever!!! I totally agree with you!!
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Very well said Twingo.

It's difficult for me when everyone is being so nice saying don't worry about the blip and just get back on track tomorrow! I need some Boot Camp action....Everyone stop being so nice. If I slip up- tell me off- it's the only way I'll learn.lol


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I am on 810 step and have found the blips creeping in... so I commit too Twingo, 100% today and from now on... sick of taking the scenic rout. Want to get to goal!!! Great thread!

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i agree no food, we dont need it we are getting all we need from cd xx
Great post!! Im another 100% person im kinda all or nothing i know for me once i loose it its all over and i couldnt face going through the whole journey again. I think its important we notice that were all different and deal with things in different ways cd is all about changing our habits and finding something different to distract ourselves whether it be a bad day at work an argument or just plain boredom i am the first to admit i used to just head for the cupboard but there are other ways and they will help us when we come to maintinance i bought a bike and can now go for a cycle when bored or out for a walk or a go on the wii fit but if exercise is not for you then a soak in the bath a day doing hair and nails or just coming on here can all help. I know that social occasions and influence from others can get in the way but i think sometimes we make excuses our lives are full of them i remember when i was part of a diet club before our leader wrote a list of all the occasions and social things that can get in the way birthdays christmas easter totm ect ect if we were to have a lil cheat or day off for all of these events what are the chances of us ever reaching our goals your journey is just that 'yours' and its up to you which direction you go in i want to go in the quickest sraightest way possible and jump the hurdles as they come. Cd is not easy but whoever said it would be what diet is? Just find what works for you and keep going if you fall get staight back u rather than waiting for the next hurdle before you decide to get back up and carry on xxx


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1000000% totally agree and what a waste of money blipping when on CD too. I know financially for me this costs a lot of money and when it's so tight, I can't afford any extra weeks on this diet than I absolutely have to, and for every blip that could occur, I know thats like an extra £37 I'll be spending on another week of SS - my little boy and my fiance, could do with that money, so for me that's another motivation, x


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S: 17st0lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st7lb(26.47%)
Barnsie - fantastic post - and also your weight loss is amazing, my next target is 75lbs and then 100lbs - and your soooo close to that, so an inspiration to me - how long has it taken you to lose what you have so far? x


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S: 17st0lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 2st5lb(13.87%)
Well done to all of us for our commitments!

I totally agree with the money thing, its not cheap this diet and the less time i spend on it the better.

Great posts everyone! xx
Thanks alexmummy i have been on cd since october last year so comining up for 7months you are doing fantastic i always set myself little goals from the very beginning and tried to not look at the bigger picture because i had alot to loose i took it stone by stone and always had something i couldnt yet fit into as an incentive and kept trying it on till it fitted. I think people with alot can loose can sometimes feel that it will never be possible i know i did then i found cd never tried it before and thought it couldnt hurt to try so glad i did x


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i agree, why do i feel so guilty if my partner is throwing away food?
i feel like i am doing this, i think of how much it cost, the fact that it ia waisted and he should have really cooked half of the food that he atr because now the other half is going to go in the bin, which makes me want to get that food and munch on it so it is not waisted?
does this sound weird?


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S: 17st0lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 2st5lb(13.87%)
No not weird at all - i used to hate to see food thrown away. But then i was brought up to finish everything on my plae and not waste food. In fact my grandparents would serve it up cold for breakfast if we refused to eat it for dinner. Its still not good to waste food but i refuse to push those issues on to my son and i have always let him eat however much he feels he needs. i still wouldnt let him have pudding if he couldnt finish a reasonable amount of dinner but i dont stress about it. nowadays i make myself throw things away.
I cook in much smaller portions nowdays which makes me see how much i was eating before i always used to cook loads because i knew i would eat if if noone else would. if i cook a pizza and only half of it gets eaten i put it in the fridge and the other half takes it to work for lunch same with spag bol goes in the fridge for the next day i am very careful not to waste food because like you i was bought up not to i just realised i dont have to eat it i can make another meal out of it and by not seving big portions means theres not waste food on plates to try and tempt me but theres food in the fridge if and when they want more x


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S: 17st0lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st7lb(26.47%)
Barnsie thanks for answering and for the comments too.

My CDC has said that by my bday (26th september) she expects me to be at goal and up the steps and maintaining, to me that feels like a lifetime away and like it will never happen, but I have dropped from 17 stone to 13 stone 4 1/4 as of last night, and so I guess fast approaching getting into the 12's. My goal is 10st 1, top end of my BMI (and then 9 stone 10 for me personally after that)

I don't know what 'clicked' this time, but I decided on the 13th December that I was doing Cambridge and started on the 5th January, and have never looked back.


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S: 17st0lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 2st5lb(13.87%)
Alexmummy that is a fantastic loss so far. I keep thinking that i have a long way to go too and i'm only aiming for 12 stone as an initial target and will see hoe i feel from there. But i have dropped over 2 stone in 6 weeks and with a few days off for holiday. So its not far off at all.
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I too will commit to the 100%! I'd done 7 weeks prior to Easter at 100%. I had the Easter weekend off and can honestly say that being back on CD 100% for day 2 today I feel sooo much better and wish i'd not bothered having the weekend off in the first place! NOTHING tastes as good as SKINNY feels!! I've got 9 weeks till i have to brave a bikini, so 100% for me all the way!!! Good luck to everyone, together we can suceed! x


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S: 17st0lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 4st7lb(26.47%)
Twingo, just realised we have the same height, and start weight :)

You're fast chasing my tail hun, and can't tell you how fantastic it feels to drop into each stone bracket, but the second you enjoy being in one stone, I don't know about you but I crave to be down into the next one, the 12's I am hungry for now, but the 11's in the back of my head is a biggy, and I sooo can't wait to get into the 11's to be sooo much closer to the 10's which I haven't seen for soooooo long!

Fantastic work so far, keep going x


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wow, what fantastic weight losses you all have!
im trying to catch you;) not sure ive got the will power to ss again, but trying on 810!
good luck to you all getting to goal, i have 16 weeks before my hols, hoping for 2lb per week, which i think is achievable, if i could stop having these blips!
S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st1.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st7lb(3.2%)
you should all get a dog, butch(my dog) makes use of all the leftovers and i dont have to throw anything away xx