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Right that is it :(


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I'm getting rid of my scales tommorow to my mums house.
I'm so pissed off it's unreal. I weighed myself today same time as weigh in tommorow and it's showing a pound GAIN :( I'm so fed up. It will probably stay that way tommorow too as it's going to be star week this week. But you know why upset myself two nights in a row instead of jus one?! So tommorow morning the scales are off to my mums house!!!
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Sorry your feeling fed up! ((hugs)) I know how you feel, people will always say you shouldn't weigh before WI, and of course they're right, but its soooo hard not to do when they are just there.
I lasted all week last week and then jumped on them just before I set off to be weighed at group (how dumb) I didn't even weigh myself on mine the week before, so I'd no idea how they compared to SW ones anyway so god only knows why I did it.
Please try to still get weighed tomorrow, for me the hardest part is still going if it doesn't look good when I weigh at home but some weeks I have weighed and even right up to the day before official WI it can look like I've put on and then when I go I've actually lost weight.
When I lost all my weight with SW the first time I didn't own scales at home and it was so much better - I had to go to group to see how I was doing so I didn't skip group and in the whole 10 months I never put weight on once.
Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck for WI tomorrow! x
I know how you feel - been there! It's so tempting to hop on inbetween WI days, I admit I do often, but I always take what it says with a pinch of salt, even if it's a loss. Remember your weight can fluctuate as much as 5lbs throughout the course of the day.
Hugs lady try not to panic you dont know how accurate those scales are and are probably different to the slimming world ones.
I once made a mistake of weighing myself before weigh in on my mums scales and it said id gained 5lbs! I was really dreading weigh in BUT id actually LOST 3.5LBS. Good luck hope all goes well and good idea to get rid of the scales x
glad the scales are off to your mums, I find if I weigh myself before class I get disheartened so I dont bother now
our scales are the same and they weren't cheap!!! need to find somewhere to hide them so I don't jump on them in the morning!
Don't send them to your mums, send them to the charity shop. Why do you even need them?
I always say that if you have been 100% on plan you should expect a loss at group, and if you don't then it's either hormonal or a week your body just doesn't want to lose weight.
I really don't see what benefit a mid week weigh in serves.

Well done on getting rid of them - no more mid week upsets for you!

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