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Roll or bap

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What is the difference between a bap and a roll? I had a bacon roll earlier from the staff canteen. Lean bacon is free, not sauce or spread, so just need to syn the bread. It was an ordinary bacon roll type roll. But I didn't weigh it. Do you think this is a whilte roll at 6.5 syns or a white bap at 14.5 syns. Not sure what a bap is, and it's a massive difference in syns.

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In different parts of the country (and I'm talking 8 miles between Bradford and Leeds!) baps, rolls and muffins( and fish cakes )are all different! Just remember that only wholemeal can be used as a HEB.
S: 12st6lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st2lb(1.15%)
No I'm confused too. We never have baps down south either. I'm thinking it's one of those big burger buns. But that's what the book says. It was an average size white roll. Book says roll 50g = 6.5 syns and a bap 113g = 14.5 syns. I think it was probably an average roll at 6.5 syns, but gonna go for 10.5 and split the difference. No more syns today. If I am wrong and it is 6.5 syns then have one or two to catch up on anhow, and I'll start form scratch tomorrow. I don't know what possessed me to eat it. It was good though. The stupid thing being, if they sold it in a wholmeal roll, it would be free anyway.



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to me a bap is round like you'd put a burger in. A roll is long like you'd put a sausage in.

If you weren't cofused you will be now :rolleyes:
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To me a bap is very soft but a roll is more sturdy and possibly crusty.

I can never tell the difference between string and twine. And how thick must string be, to become known as rope?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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LOL! Isn't the UK wonderful? Perhaps we should consult The Hairy Bikers?


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To me a bap is a small soft bread roll, a roll is often crusty and a muffin is flatish.
Then again a bap can be something completely different oop north lol


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Just a question out of interest really but is bacon still free if it's not cooked in frylight or dry fried? Makes no difference to me as I'm a veggie but just wondered?
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Gald I'm not the only one confused by this. Having a northern Dad and a southern Mum, brought up in the South but a northern other half, I often get confused!! Lunch, dinner and tea always confuses me. I someone says dinner time i never know when they mean!!! And I ahve 2 meanings for pants, never know which one people are referring to.



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crusty ones are cobs, little round ones are buns, giant massive ones are binlids, long ones for sausages are finger rolls. :D
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...Or was it a bacon barm cake?
not heard that in a looooong time, when I lived in Manchester it really confused me when people talked about baps and barm cakes, have a faint memory of one being the filled roll and one being the unfilled one - never got the hang of it and will stick with my morning rolls!
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I am from Lancashire. Up here a barm (barm cake) is a big, round, white, floury bread bun. About 6"+ in diameter.
In other parts of the North West, it's also called a bap. It's quite big. You can have a fabulous bacon barm...or if peckish and not doing SW...a chip barm from the chippy, with thick butter *swoon*

To me, a bun is a smaller, soft white roll - like a burger bun. Maybe up to 5".

A roll is small and sometimes crusty.

And then there are teacakes.... *swoon*

This might help
Bread roll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

*sigh* I love white bread, me. I love brown bread. I love bread!
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