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rolokates food diary

red day

B-2wholemeal bread from small loaf 2 hexb
poached eggs
1tsp flora xtra light 1/2 syn

snack grapes
homemade coleslaw & salad
1tbsp mayo light 2 syns
low fat cottage cheese
fat free activia yog

D- beef stew
carrots swede celariac
peas hexb
0% greek yog with pineapple kiwi & grapes

s- 4 matzo crackers 4 syns
42g 1/2 fat cheese Hexa
fun size mars bar 5 syns

been an ok day still feeling positive has taken me ages to be motivated enough to get back on the wagon have stopped myself from jumping on the scales until Tuesday as don't want to be dissapointed .

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forgot to say that I'm not sure how much i should be drinking some advice would be good
About 1.5 to 2 litres is healthy. I drink a bit more than a litre of water, usually half a litre of diet coke and then about 4 big mugs of tea. I never include coffee or booze cos I think they dry you out, don't they?
thanks guys I'm def not drinking enough .trouble is i work as agardener and its not always possible to go to the loo.Arhgggg!
ok so todays diary i have increased my water intake to 1 litre plus other drinks so hope that will be enough.
B- 2wholemeal bread HEXB
2 eggs
1 tsp flora diet 1/2 syn

L- roast chicken carrots,cabbage,
roast potato small 6.5 syns
peas not many 1/2 syn
gravy 1 tsp granules 1 syn
1 tsp cranberry sauce 1 syn
1 tbsp bread sauce 1 syn
Mullerlight yog pineapple,grapes kiwi
D- salad lettuce toms coleslaw 1 tbsp mayo light 2 syn
cottage cheese ,chicken pickled onion
mullerlight yog with blueberries

S- grapes, raw carrot

was ok today except we had the "outlaws" for lunch and they had brought Christmas pudding and a christmas cake ..
I resisted the temptation but it was hard

Still have HEXA & HEXB so will have a piece of cheese for both (I LOVE CHEESE) later
B- 2 wholemeal bread Hexb
2 eggs
1 tsp flora diet 1/2 syn
L-free soup loads of free veg ,curry powder chicken stock
2 wholemeal bread 2 hexb
2 tsp flora diet 1 syn
ML yog
D- lettuce,toms,cucumber chicken
mini wrap 6 syns?
1 tbsp mayo light 2 syns
ML yog grapes bluberries
2 splashes of milk in tea 1 syn

snack- 42g 1/2 fat cheese
1 litre water 3 black coffee 2 teas

weigh in tomorrow am so wish me luck
today i have eaten....loads
B - 2 wholemeal Hexb
2 eggs
1 tsp flora extra light

L- mission deli mini wrap 6 syns
1/2 tbsp mayo light 1 syn
0% activia yog grapes clementine

D- 1 egg
bacon ,chicken,cabbage,mange tout
potato mashed about 1tbsp 2 syns
1 spray fry light
muller yog bluberries

snack grapes,
just off to have my Hexa and hexb i have left
Tues . Red.
Ooops not been on for a week
yesterday was a bit hard going went out for lunch with my mum .
anyway today i've been good

B.. 2 x ww sausages 1 syn, 3 eggs scrambled, 1 slice nimble hexb1 tsp flora extra light 1/2 syn.

L..chicken, lettuce, tom, cu , 2 ryvita Hexb ,philly light 1 1/2 syn, tongue 1 syn MLY grapes bluberries

D..bolognaise syn free mushrooms ,42g 1/2 fat cheese Hexa

S..pear banana,pomelo
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wed. red .
B-2 bacon ,3 eggs scrambled,toms,mushrooms,2x ww sausages 1 syn
L- chicken,lettuce,toms,cu,ham,cottage cheese 1 syn ,chutney 1 syn 42g 1/2 fat cheese hexa
D-spring veg soup hexb,2 nimble wholemeal hexb,greek yog 0% grapes bluberries

S- 2 quality street 4 syns
thurs. red.
B- bacon x1,ww sausages 1 syn ,2 eggs poached , i nimble 1/2 hexb
L- 3 babybel light hexa,2 ryvita hexb, philly light 1 1/2 syns
D- will be chicken and veg greek yog 0% grapes
no snacks yet but going to a friends so might have 1 small glass of wine
had a few bad days and I haven't been on here, so bit of a slide but hopefully back on track ,trying really hard to be good but not so easy when things are going on in your life that you can't control. I will start my diary again tomorrow when I have weighed and seen the damage

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