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Total Solution Roxi's Ramblings - I will get there!

Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by roxi, 29 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    The story so far.... Started mid Jan at 17st 2lb and everything was going fab. Lost first 3.5 stone and then at 13st 5lb I kind of lost my way and had the occasional low carb meal, then a day off at the weekend, then the whole weekend off (and binged all weekend!!!). Was back to 13st 12lb on Monday and totally disappointed in myself. I really want to get down to my goal of 10stone.
    A friend of mine (yes Katie I class you as a friend) suggested writing a diary as she is finding it helps and she is doing amazingly well. So here goes ...... sorry if I bore any of you but I will be rambling on .... if that's what it takes I will do it.
    I am a daily weigher and I've lost 4lb since Tuesday so I'm back to 13st 8lb at the moment. Once I get to 4st loss (13st 2lb) I think I will mentally have even more determination so bring it on!
    I think I just may have found my mojo again ..... yaaaaay
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  3. Thornhill Cate

    Thornhill Cate 50+ and fabulous

    Ramble away!! That's what we all do. You've done really well so far and you'll hit that 4st in no time. :)
  4. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Oh I will bore you silly but hope its worth it to get me to my target!
    Feeling like I'm back in the zone. Done 3 100% days and feeling strong! I'm loving my favourites of banana shakes, maple pancakes and raspberry and white chocolate bars. Hoping they get me through the next 2 months. I'm normally ok during the week and cave at the weekends so that will be my tough time. I'm due to go to a retirement meal on Saturday and was thinking of cancelling but I really don't want to miss it. I know I can be strong and have steak and salad with fizzy water but I'm having such a good week I almost don't want to spoil it by having steak :-(. Hope everyone's having a good week xx
  5. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Glad to see you've decided to start a diary and I hope it keeps you on the right path. You've already achieved so much and I'm sure reaching the 4 stone mark will give you the motivation to get your 10st mark.

    I think you shouldn't skip the meal, just follow the normal stuff and you'll be fine. :)
  6. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    Hurray friend of mine, well done on starting one I really do think you'll find that it helps - it's your diary you can write anything/everything you want, I find it helps me to log the good and bad.

    I look forward to following it and finding out how you are and from learning from your words of wisdom xx
  7. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Back to 13st 5lb today (my lightest so far on this journey). Hooray!!! Must be good, must be good, must be good! LOL
    I've decided if I do go out tomorrow night I'm going to phone the restaurant and pre order grilled steak and salad with no dressing. I will be taking the car and only fizzy water shall pass my lips ?.
    3lb more for that 4st. Hopefully there next week at the very latest.
    Today's menu banana shake, raspberry bar and maple pancakes yaaaay :)
    Have a great Friday everyone xx
  8. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    Hurray loving the positive Roxi :) That 4 stone loss will very soon be yours - well done on making good food choices for tomorrow, you'll feel so much better for it on Sunday.

    Have a great day honey xx
  9. Aryathebrave

    Aryathebrave Well-Known Member

    Here to subscribe :)

    Sounds like ikea great plan, I'm sure if you stick to it, it won't impact the diet.x
  10. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Thanks ?. I'm loving the new positive me too.
    I nearly cancelled Saturday night but I really do want to go as lots of people will be there that I haven't seen for ages and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Was frightened in case I caved but I feel I will cope. I do feel guilty even planning on steak though ?
    I feel like the 4 st and into the 12 stones are both literally days away ....... I'm so excited ? xx
  11. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    I think you should go, it's okay missing everyday nights out but not missing the special ones, go and have the best time x
  12. Susie58

    Susie58 Well-Known Member

    You'll be fine Roxi as long as you stick to the steak & salad & get back to TS the next day.

    Hope you get into the 12s very soon xx
  13. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    You're right Katie. I hardly ever go out and I really want to see everyone. I've agreed to pick up a friend so a) I can't drink, just fizzy water and b) I will definitely stick to steak and salad and will pre-order tomorrow.
    Bring on the 12 stones...... Thanks to you all my amazing exante family :)
    Been 100% TS today. I'm much happier when I stick to this :)
  14. *bridezilla*

    *bridezilla* New Year, New Me

    Hi Roxi. Well done on the great losses this week :-D really pleased for you. You'll reach your 4st milestone in no time. Running to catch up with you to get into 12's!!

    Have fun tonight and enjoy the steak xx
  15. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Awe thanks bride. I was wondering how your doing? :)
  16. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go out last night and my size 16 skinny jeans where too big!!! I had bought a size 14 as my 'get in to' pair and they not only fitted but where very comfy! To say I was over the moon is an understatement. I think they must be a big 14 but hey who cares LOL. So I stuck to fizzy water all night and ordered grilled steak with a plain salad no dressing. They only put bloomin mushrooms on there. Not sure how they where cooked (probably fried) but I could not resist them. I am weak :(. Because of the mushrooms and gorgeous steak I was expecting to put on today but guess what ....... 13st 3.75lb ..... yaaaaaaaay!!!
    Happy dance, happy dance. So 1.75lb for 4st and I can see the 12's peaking around the corner ...... feeling very positive, this diet is amazing :D. I really do feel like I have found a diet I can stick to with Exante. I may take the scenic route at times but I WILL be in a bikini in September.
    Oh and I had some lovely compliments from people I haven't seen in ages. That is always a boost. Several people told me I looked amazing which really boosted me (and embarrassed me as I've never been comfortable accepting compliments). Still a way to go but hopefully the second half will be a down hill battle.
    PS I've noticed that when I wake up now I don't reach for the kettle for my tea (with milk :sigh:) I now go straight for a pint of water LOL
    Have a fantastic Sunday everyone xx
  17. *bridezilla*

    *bridezilla* New Year, New Me

    Wow well done! I would love to get into 14's!! Compliments are great...really spurs you on! I was naughty yesterday but going to forget about it and have re-started today! Dreading my weigh in on Tuesday :'(
  18. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Awe thanks Bride. I've had a really tough few weeks and feel great now I'm back to TS and losing. I'm drinking loads of water and think this must be helping me. Don't worry about yesterday, it happens to us all at some point. The main thing is to just get back as soon as you can. I think I was struggling as I've been on (and off) this since mid jan. My initial plan was to reach 10st by 1st august. That won't happen now but I'm going to try my best to get to 11st by then, have couple of weeks break for a trip I have planned and my 50th birthday then back on it until my bikini holiday at the end of September ?:)
    We will get there xx
  19. Susie58

    Susie58 Well-Known Member

    That's an excellent result Roxi. Well done, I agree this diet is amazing & that water is definitely helping you get to goal. Roll on the 12s xx
  20. bananaboo

    bananaboo Well-Known Member

    What an amazing loss so far, well done for getting back on track. So close to that 4 stone. I love love love LOVE when you go slightly off plan and still lose. Definitely spurs me on!
  21. roxi

    roxi Well-Known Member

    Awe thanks bananaboo. I just hope I can keep this focused for the next 2 months ..... Yikes!!! :) xx

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