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Surgically happy.
We don't seem to have one but it might be useful. So I'll start by asking some questions and then maybe we can knock together something when we have enoug answers.

1) In the first few days, how much protein should I be eating? (in weight, not size).

2) How long before normal, erm, bathroom visits are achieved?

3) Hi likely am I to lose/gain/stay the same?

Will be more questions as I come to them.
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...we're sinking deeper.
1) You should aim for about 100g of protein in your first few days... Personally I started with a standard chicken breast they sell at the shop.
2) That will get easier once you get some fibre down you in a few days - in the form of salad and vegetables etc.
3) You are most likely to keep losing for about 5 more weeks. First two-three you are still somewhat in ketosis. Protein and simple veg/salad does not break it.



Surgically happy.
Thanks Minerva. I've only eaten about 65g of protein yesterday and today but have another 35g I could eat later. I don;t want to underdo it anymore than overdo, you know?

My LLC has agreed I can cook some veg - becauyse that is preferable to me not bothering at all. So I need to work out which ones ot bring in - I love sweetcorn but it's high GI, so I'll leave that. I'm hoping spring cabbage and sprouts will be ok!


...we're sinking deeper.
Have a go at looking at the Lite list that I sent you - you can get an idea of what you can have not to break ketosis at the moment, and the veggies in the list I sent are all also low Gi! I really don't see why you can't cook your vegetables to be honest, whatever makes for a smoother ride. :)
Not too much cabbage though unless you want death farts from hell! Have a carrot or two to add to your few sprouts! :p


Surgically happy.
I hate carrots but would try a few little bits of one. I willhave a good look through your list, I promise :) Just found mylsef a little overwhelmed by the learning curve at the moment.

4) DO I need to stay low GI for the rest of my life? I've read of people putting on 8lbs in "bread trigger week" - will that happen consistently, or will that be a one off?

The reason I ask that question, is because I want to develop a normal diet - and by normal, I mean truly normal, not what was "normal" before. I want to find a place for bread, pasta, rice, healthy foods, less healthy foods. I believe strongly that one of the keys to not falling back to my old patterns will be the fact that I'm not proscribing foods - just choosing the healthy option 99% of the time.


...we're sinking deeper.
4) The reason for the "weight gain" in Bread week/Carb weeks: this is NOT fat gain. It is only 'water weight' and glycogen levels returning to normal in your muscles. Do not freak out - this is natural and will happen to everyone who has been on a ketosis based diet.

How you maintain your weight is up to you! I personally like the low Gi plan because I know I have always had a problem with processed carbs (white pasta, white bread, rice etc.), so I opt for wholewheat options or other grains such as buckwheat and stuff. Wholewheat - I do not get hooked on them but I still feel satisfied - I do not cut out my beloved carbs!
However, some people choose to just watch their calorie in-take and learn to assess themselves as best they can. Some people do plenty of exercise and remain active.
It really is down to you how you choose to maintain! The main thing is to get your head around it to be honest.

The main thing to remember is that lapses will happen! It's normal. But the important thing is to accept it as such and move on. :) I have worked out the 80-20 sort of lifestyle which works for me! I watch my calories in the week-time, and allow myself some extra treats on the weekend! That way I'm happy mentally and will not go back into old ways.
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...we're sinking deeper.
Another point is - you can have anything you want - in moderation! If you want a cream pie, then have a cream pie, but a sensible portion! It's getting your head around when to stop which is the main lesson we all have to learn!

:D if you can work on this aspect - then you will never feel like you're on a diet ever again and will be living a healthy, balanced happy eating style. I know BL, KD and Nexusangelus have really worked out something similar that works for them. :) I find them quite inspiring!

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