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RTM when is the right time

I have decided to go onto TRM in 2 weeks time. I am currently about 7lbs away from my ultimate goal weight but feel that i dont want to get any smaller. As its easter weekend this week we dont have a session so i will go for my final weigh in the week after and straight to the management group.
Some people continue to lose weight on RTM but some people do not.
My advice re Management.

You decide when you to start it - (once you have finished your Foundation) if it's because you've "had enough" "bored" "sick of packs" then it isn't the right time (not that I am suggesting this is where you are at)

Timing for Management is that you have reached the size/weight/BMI that you set out to achieve - you have reached your goal and are not responding to people - "Oh luv, I think you've lost enough now!"

Some would say that you get one good crack at this VLCD lark - ask any of the posters who are at this second time around. (third fourth and fifth too!)

Weight holding is the most challanging part of the Programme and many clients find that there is a lot of fantasy and anticipation around eating again - some anti-climax to it too - boundaries around food are important - same as around packs.

Be sure it is the right time and get 100 days out of your head. Follow it until it feels you have achieved your goal :)

(posted to early on previous - soz)
But I was under the impression that there were quite a few people that lost their final bit of weight in RTM. I'd like to think that I was able to progress to eating food but still able to reduce my weight since realistically we will have to do this moving forward to ensure we don't gain. Losing weight is easier when there is no food but once you add food it becomes more of a challenge and I'd like to tackle that. I guess everyone is different.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Ideally, the idea is to lose the weight in foundation and development - by abstaining. THEN....when you hit goal - then you learn to manage it. It's a by-product people still lose a few pounds in RTM.....but the best plan is not to reintroduce food until you are at goal.....and then even if you go down a few more pounds, I would think it will gently go back up and settle.

I guess the idea being that we shuldn't be thinking of eating the food, or actually eating it until we have done the deed.

But it's a personal choice. I don;t want to reintorduce food, (as much as I would Bloody LOVE to) until I am dead certain I have sorted the issues that got me here in the first place.

Its a tough call.....but if its only another few weeks, I'd say stay in foundation. I will be in foundation.goodness, at least 3-4 monts more I imagine!


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I know what your saying BL. To stop and start putting the weight back scares me to death. This is the first time in 10 years I feel in control so to lose that doesn't bear thinking about. I will have a chat to to LLC and get more info regarding RTM and if its right for me after the 100 days. I think I have been looking for a light at the end of the tunnel but should be more patient.


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This is the first time in 10 years I feel in control so to lose that doesn't bear thinking about.
This is part of my problem whilst on this diet, I don't feel like I have any control, other than perhaps to cheat or not to cheat.

I would rather get close to my goal weight and then go onto RTM, if I continue to lose a few pounds whilst on RTM, I am hopeing that it will send a signal, that whilst eating properly you can still enjoy food whilst still losing a few pounds. Even if I don't loose a few pounds, so long as I maintain I'll be happy with that.

Although this diet is great, it is life restricting, and I for one, don't know how long I can cope with not being able to enjoy my life!
Hi ...I know waiting until you get to a 'healthy' weight for your height is the recommendation for many reasons. However, it would be much better to concentrate on maintaining what you have lost and introducing food in a healthy way, rather than jacking the whole thing in and re-gaining your weight...

One or two people in my LL group are in danger of doing this and are currently lapsing and struggling, but whenever they mention wanting to stop abstainance, they are strongly discouraged, which IMHO may not be the right advice...

Also, I've noticed that a lot of the people featured in weight-loss articles in magazines / papers that have been advised by health professionals, seem to have followed VLCDs to lose a chunk of weight, but have then followed some other eating plan, such as low-GI and added exercise in order to lose the rest.

Don't get me wrong, I thank my lucky stars that I found LL because I was really stuck in an expanding rut before-hand... and now I have the chance to work with a much smaller body! :)

I've just about finished RtM now and have come to realise that it's just the tip of the iceberg. I will need to find strategies / plans to get me through the rest of my life if I want to stay a healthy weight and sadly I don't think one plan / diet has all the answers...

Sorry for rambling - I'm feeling philosophical this evening! :eek:

Monkey x

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