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Rubbish Weekend (mention of food)

Foo Fan

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I've been rubbish all weekend....

I haven't stopped eating :mad:

I'm on SS+ so I've had my 3 shakes whiles in work then got home (with ever intention of being 100%) and had a rubbish meal in the evening...

I had a prawn omelette yesterday and on Sat I had a KFC :confused:

Anyway I weighed this morning an I've put on 4lbs since Friday :cry:

Dont know why I've done it.... I'm going on holiday a week Wednesday - I'm planning on having 2 shakes during the day and then an evening meal.. I'm also planning on having some alcohol (not much - I'm not usually a big drinker)

I'm going to do SS up untill my WI on Friday so hopefully I'll lose this 4lbs - but prob going to end up STS this week again :(
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so sorry you have had a blip, - i bet the KFC didn't taste very nice , you haven't gained 4lbs weight impossible on only eatting a prawn omelette and kfc 3500 cal make a 1lb of fat so the weight must be water weight carb stores i am sure your be able to lose it v quick again,
make sure you up your water till friday and don't let this start a slippery slope it must be hard to stay motivated when your going on holiday but you can do this !!


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what ^^ said.

Don't panic and its only been a wee blip in the grand scale of things. You've done really well getting back on the CD wagon and not letting a wee blip become a derailment.


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Hey hon
You have done so well .. dont beat yourself up.. Drink plenty of water and flush it out.. I am sure you wont have put on 4 pounds by the time you get weighed.
I am sure when you are away if you have your shakes and drink lots of water and evening meal...... you will be fine..... I bet your getting excited to go especially as you are going to feel so much better having lost all that weight..xx


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Hey hun,

Just make sure you keep reminding yourself that you have done amazingly and there are very few people who can do it 100% and the main thing is ignoring it and carrying on and looking at what positive things you have achieved so far. Losing nearly 40 lbs takes a lot of willpower!

You look great, im sure you feel amazing and so healthy, most of wha you gained is water weight so keep going love dont let that bad boo boo in your head make you feel too guilty!

I know a complete cliche but nothing in life is a smooth ride and you have done fantastic so far.

Sorry for going on!

Have a great holiday :D

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