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  1. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    I have just joined the gym with the intention of getting into running. I started off today doing 5k which I done via walking mainly with some running thrown in. Do any more experienced runners have any hints or tips to get the most out of it???

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  3. Party Girl No.1

    Party Girl No.1 Full Member

    Download a couch to 5k app and stick with it. It really does work x
  4. xbecky11

    xbecky11 Member

    I've just started running (I can only run about 5k, I'm no expert) but my main tip is to go slowly. Run at half the speed you want to go in an ideal world. I can go further and get less tired if I take it easy, and the more you run the faster you'll get with time.
  5. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    see if you have a parkrun event near you, they are 5k's and have plenty of run/walkers
  6. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    I'd love to run outside but I have pins & a plate on my ankle & they don't agree with it!!! I read about an app... Zombies! Run which sounds fun... C25K bored me a bit!!! The zombies on is you listen to your music then your interupted by a zombie attack & you have to run away from them!!!

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  7. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    im currently out with an injury, cant run up or down hills with torn hamstring tendons. poor knee dosent agree with running now either :(

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