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I started running last summer (trained for the 5k race for life), built up the running until I could run for 10 mins then just gradually made the runs longer...did the 5k in 33 mins. Then my running buddy went off to uni, so I stopped. Started again this year and entered the 10k race for life, managed it in 1 hour 5 mins!!! I'm not a natural runner, I haven't got proper shoes yet, but am trying!! I enjoy it like you, but it is tough!

I think for me its the type of exercise that really gets my heart rate up if I incorporate some sprints. I also try circuit runs - sprinting to certain point then stopping and doing lunges, sprinting again doing squats, etc etc that really burns!!!

I would say just build up the distance gradually, don't worry about pace yet! And enter a 5k race, as it really gives you the motivation to run! Make your first aim running the whole way round?

I don't think it makes a difference compared with other exercises, maybe I use more muscles when running than on a cross trainer in the gym, but I still do strength training. They say for every mile you run, you burn 100 calories....i think that's the rough guide anyway!
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Yes, build it up bit by bit. Trainers are the only main thing to purchase, so it's dead cheap to run. Try and join a running club. I find it helps to have people to run with...it keeps me motivated, and I have had so much support from the coaches.


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Hiya :) I have a friend from work who started running just over a year ago. It worked very well for her and so far she has lost 4 stone. We were talking about exercise the other night and she was urging me to try running although I am worried about starting it as I get out of puff very fast! She suggested just making a start - if I get out of puff then no worries, just slow my pace or even just walk for a bit and start running again when you feel recovered. Little by little things should improve. She also suggested joining a running club and said the support from them is fantastic!

I'm not sure if we are allowed to post links on the forum but if you do a search for 'parkrun' online then you will see the events my friend suggested to me. As a new runner I feel I may need to give myself more time before trying it but once I feel fitter I think it would be the type of thing i would enjoy.

Good luck!


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Hey, we are in not too dissimilar situations, i love the idea of running, the freedom and not being tied to a gym or needing to fork out for equiptment, so many reasons i've always wanted to run. i started last week, having never run before, and never exercised and spent several years in and out of a wheelchair, so i looked at several of the couch to 5k programmes free online there are hundreds out there. The best one for me was this

My kick start was watching my friend do the 5k parkrun that dhanne just mentioned. didn't think i'd manage it but i did the 2 minutes x 2 minutes this morning feels amazing because i'm not actually struggling that much, little tip, let your body do the running and decide pace naturally, just concerntrate on just breathing steadily and keeping as upright as possible.

i am using trainingpeaks.com to track my progress because that works out my route, pace, incline/decline and calories and stuff, and use it for other activities. you can also use it as a food blog, plus its free.

also nearly all the running websites have beginner sections with loads of advice and stuff. like runaddicts
Top 10 Running Tips For Absolute Beginners | RunAddicts
and runners world
Start Running Now: Our Get-Going Guide - Beginners - Runner's World
really great for advice and stuff. i love both these sites, are really friendly communities, with advice for EVERYTHING.

Hope this helps
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The Runner's Forum is another great forum for advice etc. I have been running on and off for a couple of years now but getting into it properly this tine. I'm doing a bridge to 10k plan at the moment which is good.

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