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Ruthies food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by ruthie-mc, 22 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    After a bad few weeks of trying and failing to get myself back on the sw wagon, due to different reasons, I have decided that i am going back to meetings tonight. I am wiping the slate clean and starting afresh. I will keep a food diary to help keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Monday 22nd June EE day

    Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in frylight with beans.

    Lunch: Batchelors Rice.

    Dinner: The chicken cake that is in the recipe section with roasted veg

    H/E A: Cheese in the Chicken Cake
    H/E B: 2 Alpen Light
    Snacks: Bowl of Strawberrys, Grapes, Melon, Pineapple.
    Syns : 1 Syn for milk in coffee, saving some for Saturday Night Takeaway.

    Exercise: 20 Min Walk.
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  3. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    Hi Ruthie

    Good luck getting back on track!

    Food looks good to me. Just thinking, you could make this into a Mix 2 Match day and have both of your HEA and HEB choices, as you don't seem to be mixing your red and green free foods at mealtimes and are only having superfree snacks.

    Just a thought...I am all for helping people eat more and still lose :D

  4. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Thats a great idea, thanks, anything that involves me eating more is fine with me :p Thanks
  5. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Could not get to wi yesterday, however i found anouther meeting today, wich will work out better for me, so my WI day is a Tuesday.
    Tuesday 23rd June EE

    Breakfast: 2 SW sausage and Beans

    Lunch: Batchelors Rice and a boiled egg, chopped through, sounds strange but its nice.

    Dinner: Meant to be BBQ, its just started to rain so will have to see, it will be the same either way, so chicken breast maranated in soy sauce and chilli. SW Burger and a baked potato with cheese HE/A and Chilli Sauce 1.5syn. with salad

    HE/B 2 ALpen Light Bars
    Snacks: Strawberrys, Melon, Grapes. Muller Light Youg
    Syns: 2 on Milk for Coffees and 1.5 on Chlli sauce in Baked Pot. total 3.5syns
    Saving syns for takeaway at weekend

    3.5/105 syns
  6. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Anouther lovely day, so anouther BBQ me thinks :D

    Wed 24th June EE

    Breakfast: 2 slices of eggy bread made with ww brown HE/B with beans.

    Lunch: Low fat supernoodles with left over chicken form last nights BBQ tossed through.

    Dinner: BBQ, curried leg of lamb all fat removed found in recipe section, marinated over night and cooked this morning in oven, finished later on BBQ. Baked Potato with Cheese from my HE/A. Roasted veg.

    Snacks: Bowl of fruit and pudding rice made with water then added muller light youg.

    HE/A Cheese
    HE/B WW Bread

    Syns 2 on coffee, saving for takeaway on sat.

    2litres of water

    Total syns so far: 5.5/105

    Exercise : 20 min walk, (hoping to get back to gym in a couple of days, just getting over chest infection)
  7. Lou7477

    Lou7477 Member

    Hi Ruthie

    I've just been reading what you eat in a day, some of the things sound lovely. It's nice to be able to get ideas from other slimmers!
    I've re-started SW after many failed attempts during the last year, I guess the time just wasn't right for losing weight, other things prevailed however, now I am SO focused!

    Good luck anyway
    Lou xxx
  8. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Thanks Lou, I have tried and failed so many times, i agree with you i think the time has to be right, i feel that way at the moment, Like you i am feeling focused :D Good luck to you as well.
  9. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    The weekend is getting closer, my plan is to have an alcohol free one, and use my syns on a nice takaway on Saturday night instead of juggling syns for wine. I will give it a go and see how it goes;)

    Thursday 25th June EE

    Breakfast: Eggy bread HE/B and beans (this is becoming a fav)

    Lunch: Batchelors Rice and boiled egg chopped through.

    Dinner: Steak SW chips and roasted veg, (the roasted veg is OH's request as he loved them last night).

    HE/A: Chesse (over sw chips)
    HE/B: 2 slices of ww bread from breakfast

    Snacks: Grapes, Melon, Stwaberrys. Mullar Light Yog.

    Syns 2 milk in coffee, (Still looking forward to takeaway on sat)

    Exercise: Non today, had a bad night with lungs, chest infection seems to be clinging on. :cry:

    Total Syns: 7.5/105
  10. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Its friday :D, i hope everyone has a good weekend. My children finish school for the summer holidays on Tuesday, we are not having a holiday this year because we went to florida last year, so it will be day trips so planning will be essential, i think we will be enjoying plenty of picnics.

    Friday 26th June EE

    Breakfast: Eggy Bread HE/B and beans

    Lunch: Tin of Potatos sliced and fried in frylight with a fried egg. with a touch of chilli sauce 1.5 syns

    Dinner: Pork Chop all fat removed, fried rice with onions and peppers done in frylight. Side salad.

    HE/A: used milk today
    HE/B: ww bread

    Snacks: Usual fruit and muller light youg

    Exercise: Kick about on the beach this evening with DS and DD, hoping for monday to return to gym.

    2 litres of water

    Total syns 9/105
  11. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    We took ds and dd to the pictures today, i was prepared for it as i knew the majority of my syns was going to go on my takeaway tonight.

    Sat 27th June EE

    Brunch: 3 Rashors of bacon, fat removed 1 slice of ww eggy bread, beans

    At flicks: crisps made with lasagna sheets not exactly 100% sw rules. strawberrys, melon and grapes.

    Dinner: Chinese takeaway 1 portion of special chowmein 9 Syns under 1/2 portion of special fried rice 5 syns Under 1/2 portion of chips will count it as half just incase 9 syns 1/2 portion of curry sauce 3 syns. Total for dinner 26 syns ;) Have saved my syns for it.

    I did not get all my HE'S in today, not good.

    Total syns so far 35/105
  12. not_lar_croft

    not_lar_croft Silver Member

    Can you do that use your sins by the week rather than by the day and save them up? Never thought of doing that!
  13. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    I dont think its advised by SW, but thats what i like to do, if it affects my loss then i will stop it. It just means i can look foward to a treat at the weekend. :D
  14. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    I managed to have an alcohol free weekend, :D. Beautiful day today, so the BBQ was lit once again.

    Sunday 28th June EE

    Breakfast: 2 Wheetbix and milk HE/A +B

    Lunch: Batchelors Rice

    Dinner: 2 Pork Steaks (all fat removed, done on BBQ) SW Chips, dragon band curry sauce 3 syns

    Snacks mullar light, (need to buy more fruit)
    HE'S with breakfast this morning, left over milk was used in coffee.

    2 litres of water

    total syns 38/105
  15. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Day before WI, so i am going to have a red day. Sun is out again, so yep BBQ once again, ds and dd are loving it.:)

    Monday 29th June Red day

    Breakfast: Scrambled Egg and bacon (fat removed)

    Lunch: Tuna salad, extra light mayo 1.5 syns.

    Dinner: 2 SW sausage, 1 SW burger, Veg kebabs. Chilli Sauce 1.5 Syns

    Snacks: Fruit and mullar light

    2 litres of water

    HE/A: Milk, need to sort out my two HE/B'S

    Total syns 41/105, thnk i need to add more syns in next week, in case weight loss slows or stops in the future so i can cut them back, and kick start things again.

    1 HE/B : 2 alpen light bars
    2nd HE/B ?? Still to decide
    Last edited: 29 June 2009
  16. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    I am now one week in to my new start and i lost 4.5lb at WI :D, i am over the moon with this. Had a bit of a strange day with eating as ds had a hospital apoitment today @ 1.30, we left the hospital after 4pm.:rolleyes:

    Tues 30th June EE

    Breakfast: was after WI Beans 1/2 tin of new pots fried in fry light.

    Lunch: Pineapple and 2 Alpen light bars HE/B. (due to being at hospital)

    Dinner: Steak (all fat removed) SW chips and roasted veg, Chilli sauce 2 syns.

    Snacks: fruit and mullar light youg frozen
    2 lites of water

    HE/A Milk
    HE/B 2 alepn light bars

    Total syns: 2/105
  17. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Typical, my children finish school for the summer hols and it starts raining. It's still very hot though. The sun looks like it may make an appearance soon, heres hoping :)

    Wed 01st July EE

    Breakfast: 2 slices of eggy bread (ww bread) HE/B beans 1 plum

    Lunch: Had to grab some food in a rush out of marks and spencer 1 pack of vegetarian sushi 1 syn and 1/2 a pack of 3 bean salad 2.5 syns

    Dinner: Salmon steak cooked in stock with chilli and spring onion. Fried rice cooked in fry light with peas.

    Snacks: frozen mullar light and a bowl of chopped up plum, strawberry, pineapple and grapes.

    2 litres of water

    HE/A: Milk (used in coffee)
    HE/B: WW bread used @ breakfast.

    Total syns 5.5/105
  18. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Aiming for a second weekend with no wine, i also think i am now well enough to head back to the gym tomorrow.:D

    Thurs 02nd July EE

    Breakfast: 2 Slices WW eggy bread (he/b) and beans

    Lunch: Batchelors Rice

    Dinner: HM pasta bake made with SW mince and passata and pasta. Sprinkled with cheese. (HE/A)

    Snacks: 2 Plums and pineapple, frozen mullar light youg.

    2 Litres of water 1 cup of coffee 1 syn for milk
    HE/A Cheese
    HE/B WW Bread

    total syns: 6.5/105
    Last edited: 3 July 2009
  19. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Was able to make it back to the gym this morning, feel great for getting there:D

    Fri 3rd July EE

    Breakfast: 2 SW sausuage, 1 egg and beans.

    Lunch: HM Scotch egg, made with SW sausage and coated in mash potato and cooked in oven. i had 1 1/2 of these, i should have stuck to one as i am so stuffed now.

    Dinner: Pork chop (fat removed) SW Chips and mushy peas.chilli sauce 1.5 syns (had some over the chips)

    Snacks: Plums, frozen mullar light.

    2 litres of water

    HE/ Milk
    HE/B 2 alpen light bars

    Exercise: 40 mins cardio and 20 mins weights @ gym. 10 mins on body action machine. :character00116:

    total syns:8/105 (saving for sunday night takeaway and bar of chocolate:party0011:)
    Last edited: 3 July 2009
  20. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    Woke up to a beautiful day this morning, the clouds are starting to gather now, looks like rain is on its way:cry:

    Sat 4th July EE

    Breakfast: 1/2 of the Scotch eggs that i made yesterday and some beans.

    Lunch: Anouther of the eggs, i really like them :eek:

    Dinner: Lamb steak (fat removed), steamed pots and roasted veg.

    Snacks: OH wants some of the lasanga crisps, so i may have a few. Plum, Strawberrys, frozen mullar light.

    HE/A: MILK
    HE/B: 2 alpen light bars

    Exercise: 1hr 15mins cardio @ gym + 10mins on body action machine.

    syns: 8/105 (takeaway tomorrow night)
    Last edited: 4 July 2009
  21. ruthie-mc

    ruthie-mc Full Member

    I did not have any wine last nite, anouther sucessful no wine weekend :D

    Sunday 5th July EE

    Breakfast: 1 Alpen Light bar and plums b4 gym.

    Lunch:2 SW sausage,1 rasher of bacon (fat removed), cubed new pots fried in fry light, mushrooms and beans.

    Dinner: 1/2 portion of singapore chow mein 5 syns 1/2 portion of special fried rice 5 syns, 1/2 portion curry sauce 3 syns 4 prawn crackers 3 syns handful of chips 5 syns

    HE/A: Milk
    HE/B: 2 Alpen light bars (only had one)

    Snacks: Frozen mullar light, galaxy 12.5 syns, makes a grand total of syns for today as 33.5 :eek:, been saving for this all week.

    Exercise: 45 min body pump class & 45 min spin class.

    total syns so far: 41.5/105

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