Ruthie's Weight Loss Journey - 3lb away from next stone bracket!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by rufusdoofus, 24 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Hello all!:)So I am fairly new on here,but I was wondering about these diaries.Can anyone just start one then? I've never been a good consistent 'writer downer' lol, but I know that when I have it has helped lots! I also have been reading on here and think how wonderful you can say "i am on 12 points" or something and for people to understand & be interested!I am working in the summer holiday in an office and everyone is nice but it's not always the best not having someone who actually understands the ins and outs of it. I don't have any friends that I go with but my sister is a great support!

    Anyway! It would be really great to write on here regularly! I am 20 years old, studying Criminology at Uni and determined to finish University whilst reaching my goal. I have always had a big problem with emotional eating,and getting caught in that cycle - eat because sad, sad because eat. Sigh. I am really hoping that this can change,after battling a lot of my issues recently. I hope that it's ok just to write all this,truth is I am very shy lol!

    Tonight was my first WI and I lost....5 pounds:eek:. Wahoo. This means that I have 1 pound to lose to break into the next stone barrier :) . I have been coming on here and reading whilst at work and it has kept me motivated! I hope everyone is doing good and having a lovely evening! :)

    Ruthie xxx (Rufus) :D
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  3. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Also, quickly, I was wondering if anyone knew why when I try and go on my user details or edit anything it tells me I don't have permission to view the page, when my account has been activated? Thanks! :D
  4. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned


    Feel free to start a diary!! :D Not sure why you are having problems when trying to edit your profile. What sort of thing are you trying to do? :confused:
  5. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Just trying to upload a picture and avatar.It tells me I can't.Strange :( :sigh:
  6. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    welcome hun thats brill xx
  7. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Can't access my own profile lol!

    Thank you so much :D.

    I had to laugh, I clicked on my own profile and it said that I didn't have permission to view the page!! Sniff. :cry:It also won't let my signature be any longer that the one ticker :(
  8. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    hi honey and welcome, think you need to have posted so many times before you can add more, well done on your weight-loss so far x
  9. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.


    Thank you,guess that makes sense! It just confused me hehe! Thank you! :D I'm enjoying my high after my W.I. hehe! And tomorrow is THE DARK KNIGHT. hehe! Saving points to have a treat at the cinema.Can.not.wait.

  10. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    So you should be, what treat are you going to have at the cinema?
  11. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    I'm not sure. I am a sucker for galaxy minstrels. Or some icecream. I'm going with my sister and her husband and things get shared out anyway. I used to go SO overboard at the cinema though. Like the darkness allowed me to stuff my face lol. So I am going to be sensible! :eek: And it's nice knowing that I am motivated for the rest of the week hehe!!
    Hope you're having a nice evening!!! :) xxx
  12. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    Im just having a quiet one tonight been night-shift the last couple of nights, hope youve worked out the point for your goodies tomorrow before you go, heres some ideas for you:

    Baskin Robbins Café Mocha Truly Free Yoghurt (scoop) 2Baskin Robbins Chocolate Non Fat Yoghurt (scoop)2½Baskin Robbins Daiquiri Ice (scoop)2Baskin Robbins Peach Crumb Pie (no added sugar) (scoop)3Baskin Robbins Rainbow Sherbert (Scoop)2Haagen Dazs Mango Tropical Sorbet (scoop)1Haagen Dazs Peach and Strawberry Sorbet (scoop)1Ben and Jerry's Berry N'ice Ice Cream (scoop)3Fruit Pastilles (140g box)
    Popcorn Salted (small)3½Popcorn Salted (medium)6½ Hotdog 7½Cheese Dip 4½Nachos 7½
    choose wisely, i know 40g bag of minstrels are 4pts
  13. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Awesome! Thank you! I used to work at a cinema and used to stare at icecream and chocolate all day lol. It's nice to feel some control! Yes, 4 points for those little bags of minstrels is good! The big bag is 22:eek:,and it's something I have often bought at the cinema:eek:. I'm finding it hard to break free from that urge.I feel like I can't do without it. But tomorrow I am really going to try. There is enough in a small bag. And if I am desperate I can buy 2:confused:. Some routines are hard to break from,and bingeing at the cinema is one of them! For me to go a week without a bit of a binge is a BIG thing. I guess that's why ww is good, I can reduce without depriving myself completely.Just within points. Gotta keep remembering this! Thanks xxxx
  14. jc1976

    jc1976 Silver Member

    You sound as if you know what you have to do, so enjoy your minstrels as long as you've got enough points for them x
  15. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.


    Is it just me, but doesn't the day after a lose just feel great. It's like any moment in the week where you thought that you couldn't do it, and were going to give up, paid off and gave you the energy and will for another week. I know this is the only way I can do it, week by week. I have had so many ups and downs with weightwatchers which can be summed up by - complacency. It's a trap i fall in, especially when I am at university and 'everyone' is off eating and having a nice time. My attitude to food has to change, and just from having one good week (and reading this forum!!) I feel I am beginning to! I think it will take a while though.

    Anyway, so I powerwalked to the station today! And it's quite warm out so I felt good (it's about 15 minutes there and 15 mins back in the evening). Took the 3 flights of stairs to my office floor! And now I am thinking that a cup of tea is in order! hehe! I just CAN'T wait to see Batman tonight. hee! Also, I have a wedding to go to next Saturday, and I at least want to get into the stone barrier below (only 1 pound) before I go. Just for my mind, even if no one else notices! THEN I have another friends wedding on the 23rd August, and I want to work hard for my stone or more by then! It's the last time I will see a lot of my university friends for a while (I'm doing an extra year) so it would just be nice:)!

    I ramble btw. Anyways, better actually do some WORK. AHHH:eek: Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
  16. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    I'm so pleased for you hun,when you have a good wi you just wanna keep going dont u? As i am the same,when i have a day off i just wanna keep eating :)
    Dont follow my foot steps as i'm the worst goal member to set an example!!
  17. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Lol, no I completely understand that. Tbh I used to get weighed, lose 2 pounds, and then be like 'oooo I can eat' and stuff my face! Ahh. Although last night I did have my mums shepherds pie without worrying too much about the points (i had loads left) and I had a kitkat chunky, I felt that that was a satisfying and reasonable amount. Everyone has their own way, i'm sure if some people ate a bit of chocolate then they'd feel off track, but I think actually having an evening (preferably after you've lost weight) to just think, i can eat a chocolate bar now and then, and not stress, could be healthy in the long run! Ah, I've rambled again! ahhh! That's why I love weightwatchers, you're never deprived, and once you've reached your goal you're more likely to keep it off. WW encourages me to eat more fruit and veg just because i'm hungry and it's mostly no points. Just as I write here I'm getting more motivated!!

    Thank you! :D I'm eating my ww cookie bites from the meeting. they are so nice, and good because you can eat 2, then come back for a few more..and then another..over a period of time. so they last!! wahoo!
  18. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    You know now youvew mentioned sheperds pie im going to make one at the weekend, low points of course :D

    Your doing great though hun, and i am exactly the same when ive lost weight, il celebrate lol with something way too high in points - old habits die hard!
  19. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Yay, thank you! Well, my mum is very good. She will always be thinking of my points. She did ww for a while and lost a stone. I'll come home and she's been shopping with the points calculator and has found nice snacks that are 0.5, or 1.0 points. Yday she brought home a wafer type thing, with marshmellow inside. It's big, and it's only 0.5. It's wafer, as in what you have on a 99 icecream. It's bizarre. But that's what the points say! So yeah, the shepherd's pie and low fat meat and low fat everything..and lots of veg. She's great! It always helps to have that support at home. My dad does too, but he always says
    me : "i've lost 5 pounds'
    dad : "now Ruth, where, did you have it in your pocket, where did you lose it".
    haha! xxx
  20. Crystal89

    Crystal89 Member

    Pink 'n' Whites! I love them and also the big caramel Snack a Jacks are only 0.5 points too. Of course apples are 0.5 as well but meh...sometimes I'm just not virtuous enough!
  21. rufusdoofus

    rufusdoofus Winning by losing.

    Yes! That's what they are called. it's just nice to be able to eat one of those and know you are not using up loads of your points. they take a few minutes to eat as well. some things you get you take one bite, look down and it's all gone. hehe! I went down to costcutter to buy a paper at lunch and then I ran back up the stairs. the madness of things. Hope everyone's having a good day!

    Hehe, my sister Rachel did ww and lost like 6/7 stone. She is awesome. At the time I'd started to become complacent about it all and I just remember my mum saying to me in a very stern tone.."RACHEL WRITES EVERYTHING DOWN." *in a cumbrian accent* It's become somewhat of a joke,that quote, and it makes me laugh and reminds me to write stuff down hehe!

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