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Ryanair seatbelts?!?

Hiya everyone.

I'm due to be flying with ryanair next week and i have this awful, awful feeling I will need a seatbelt extender! Anyone know how big the seatbelts are? It's been years since I was on a plane so I'm bigger now

I will be mortified if I can't get it around me! It's actually making me not want to go :(
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Will get there one day!
I'm not sure how big they are but why don't you have a quiet word with one of the crew before you sit down telling them your fears and ask if they could bring over an extender discreetly or give you one in case (they might not do this).

I've never had to ask but my aunt has and they are very good about it.

Hope you have a good time wherever you're going x
Don't feel bad or ashamed, you're actually doing something about your weight and next year if you go again it will be different! Be proud of your efforts so far and think about them when you ask for it.
Thanks guys xx


Hippety Hop!
Hi CeeCee, No need to be embarrassed - it is quite a common occurance and they will automatically give you one if they see you have a problem. I have just asked for one as I board and they are not in the least bothered, main thing is that you belt up!

Have a nice journey...:)


Slimming down the aisle
I don't know how big they are measurement wise exactly but I know that when I was a size 24 they fit around me though there wasn't much room in it left! So I think a size 24 is about what they'll fit.
Thank you!

It helps to have an idea of size etc. I'm a 24/26 at the moment so.....Fingers crossed now then!!!

Thanks everyone


Slimming down the aisle
You may well be fine then. I've seen people ask for extenders before and they're always pretty good and discreet about it to be honest. Enjoy your trip to wherever you're headed!!
well i'm bigger than a 24/26 so I know seatbelts don't fit round me but i always ask for an extender as I board the plane, sometimes they are right by the locker with them in and they will hand me one straight away, but if not they will usually bring one to me when I've sat down......it happens more than you know so please don't feel bad about it, hope you have a great time
Don't worry about it at all - I flew ryanair about 18 months ago and asked for one as I got on outbound and inbound no problems at all.

Please don't let it worry you, you aren't alone

I've not been on here for a bit, but I wanted to say.... I DIDN'T NEED AN EXTENDER!!! :)

To be honest it was a squeeze but I don't even care, as long as I got it fastened!!!

And as I have no intention of EVER being this size again I know I'll fit in them in the future too!! :) :) :)

Thanks everyone xx


This is really the time!
I am flying with them next Friday and had the same worry. Last time I flew with them I was about 1.5 stone lighter than now, and cannot remember how the fit was. I may just ask for one on the way in to be on the safe side :)


This is really the time!
Thats what we all need to focus on.....We are changing this! :)
Couldn't agree more!!!! :) x

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