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S.O.S!!!! I need collective positive vibes please....


For the past few weeks, I have been worrying about something, but trying not to think about it too much, knowing I needed to take action, but living a bit like an ostrich - head in the sand.

A few weeks ago, when checking out the various bits of me that are shrinking, I discovered a rather, in my opinion, substantial lump in my breast. :wave_cry:

At hubby's persistance, I have seen the doc today, and she was not happy either, and is referring me to a breast surgeon for a full exam.

So, I would be silly to say I wasn;t worried, but I am trying not to dwell on it. But - it is a bit scary - so, I am putting a request out there for all you lovelies to help me and send positive healing vibes my way. It is going to be a long few weeks.

I think its going to be fine. But - I did have a complete hysterectomy in 1993. American procedure for a pre-menopausal hysterectomy is a Mammogram every 3 years since I had to go on HRT, and still am as both uterus and ovaries were removed (sorry if too much infor for the guys here). One of the risks of HRT is breast cancer.

When I moved to the UK, I was denied a mammogram. I was told I was too young. WHen I explained my docs in the states views, was basically told "too bad - ya ain't getting one here". So, I have missed about 4 mammograms that I should have been having. :(

So - it is weighing on the back of my mind, no matter how much I try to shut it out. Its just another test I suppose.

I am a bit frustrated. In a way - I was healthier when I was fat!! Halfway through the diet - diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my spine/neck. 3/4 of the way through - Fibromyalgia. And now this worry. Regardless if what it is - there is something there that shouldn;t be. SOmeones got this all bassackwards!!!

So - yeah. Positive thoughts please? :wave_cry::sigh:

Thanks everyone.

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Thoughts and positive vibes on their way :)



Queen of the Damned
Masses of positive vibes your way :vibes: :vibes: and you are in my prayers :innocent0001:


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Positive vibes coming your way, can I just say that a friend of mine who's lost a massive amount on LL also found a lump and after referral to a consultant they concluded it was the weight loss and hormonal fluctuations that had caused it. I sincerely hope that this is the case here, but will be thinking of you and hoping that this is the case. Stay strong. xx
My Grandma has recently had breast cancer, she's in remission now and believes that lying on her bed for 10 mins a day sending healing vibes all over her body played a big part. Just a thought.
Hope everything is ok xxxxxxxxxx
:hug99: I know how worried you must be feeling at the moment my thoughts are with you & possitive vibes winging in from me:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
Hey BL my prayers and positive vibes are with you :)
Thanks everyone - I can feel them!! Truly!! :)

My plan is just to remain positive. Pensive - but positive. ANd to keep myself busy for a few weeks. I feel everything is going to be alright - but it is unsettling none the less!!

I suppose one good thing is - eating something never even crossed my mind. I thought that was pretty cool! It just didn;t enter into the equation at all. Phew! Maybe all that CBT stuff really is sticking in my head!!

Thank you - I am of course hoping it is something like that. I really do feel its going to be fine - its just a nuisance - got enough to think /worry about, ay!? :D

But I have made decided there is no point worrying and fretting until I know if there is even a reason too! So, soldiering on! :D

Thanks again peeps!!

Hi BL,
I know the next few weeks will be difficult to get through but try and keep thinking positive thoughts, all my thoughts and positive vibes are sent your way, you are such an inspiration to so many on here, and we will all be here just for you.
take care :hug99: mary x


longs to be average!
Hey BL - all the healing vibes I am muster are heading towards the south coast.

One thing you said though has kind of bothered me........ You said you felt fitter when you were fat. Had you still been fat you might have missed that lump altogether. On top of that you are way hotter now!!

Now you keep that postive mental attitude - it can cure anything.

big hugs
One thing you said though has kind of bothered me........ You said you felt fitter when you were fat. Had you still been fat you might have missed that lump altogether. On top of that you are way hotter now!!
Thanks Corey....but don;t worry about the above - I was joking really. Or being ironic. ;) I know I am healthier now. :)

Thanks honey~!!! :)


ANd thanks everyone again for your posi-vibes! :D I feel quite relaxed and not worried, so that is a very good sign,. My gut tells me theres nowt to worry about, so I will happily listen to it for now. :)


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