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Sabotage anyone??!!

G: 13st0lb
why o why do we do this to ourselves??!! on monday i got into the 15's bracket at which i should have been chuffed, instead i had this overwhelming urge to binge on anything i could get my hands on, i resisted until wednesday night....coupled with the worst PMT ive ever had, it was as if i couldnt control the beast in me wanting to eat anything and everything...which i did until i felt sick, disgusting and repulsed with myself....i read and reread my old LL foundation book to see if this would help get me back on track but it hasnt happened yet....i go away in 3 weeks and need to lose as much as i can, but i feel the more i try the worse im gonna get, yet i know LL is the only diet that has ever worked for me ??? my partner thinks im really good for abstaining this long but im too embarrased to tell him otherwise...

i feel better now i have confessed my sins, i think it is just PMT related as i have been great the other 3 weeks with no cravings whatsoever.

i have been great in the day at work, i can drink my water & manage the packs no problem its just when i get home the problems surface !!!

feel free to give me a virtual kick up the you know what!!!!!
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Hey Groovychick :)
I reckon you should just leave it behind you - it's happened, you know it was wrong, you understand why - it's done with. Onwards and upwards (or downwards for your weight ;)) Put it down to experience - it'll make you stronger. Good luck!
Well done Groovychick !! You know why ? Because you RECOGNIZE the behaviour, you KNOW it was sabotage and you can put it down to TOMT etc, it wasn't just 'blind' emotional eating, you know why you did it !! So that's AMAZING ! Don't you dare beat yourself up about it, guilt will do nothing positive, draw a line under it and move on, big hugs.X.x.
I suffered with this for a few weeks too, as soon as I got under 16stone I felt the urge to just eat everything in sight!

In my case, I think that for so SO long I have thought as 16stone as the weight I was a) at college and b) when I had the best year of my life. It's become this sort of "holy grail", so as soon as I was under it, I almost felt like I was 'wrong' in some way!

Serious head-warping stuff! It's taken a few hard weeks to push past it, but you can do it - and the fact you have recognised the "bad" eating behaviour and FELT bad about it afterwards, shows how much you have changed already :)


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:asskick:Is this what you want??

No, I'm sure you need a big :hug99: in reality. Yes, you did fall off the programme, but now you have a better understanding of causes. We're all trying to unlearn age-old habits and it is going to be difficult.

I find it helps to have a mental image of me at goal wearing something gorgeous and looking amazing. I want this so much more than a quick food fix and know I will only get there by staying with the programme. It has helped keep me on the straight and narrow despite incredible temptation. I also use the internet as a means of distraction.

Think about coping strategies you have used in the past and whether there's any others you can work on. Good luck! You CAN do it.

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