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Safe to continue for longer than 3 months



One last chance
I've been on for 15 weeks, nothing bad has happened to me or my little sis.


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Im planning on about 20 weeks so hope not :(


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Think it was me that said it...thats what my chemist said,don't know if she can back it up? Last time I was on it I was getting pains in my kidneys near to the end of 3 months, that may be just co incidence


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I've been on for 6 weeks and plan to be on for another 14 weeks - so im not stopping no way after 12 weeks! lol
will make enquiries

Hi All
Will see what I can find out


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If you could help with this question, my OH is worried thinks it's all a bit mad, i've tried to alay any fears but he asked if it was safe for the length of time i have in mind.....i couldn't answer xx


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Well if you want the best answer it would be to phone lipotrim helpline and ask them. But......I did route out a study that was done on LT. If you look at table 2 on page 4 it shows people doing LT for a LOT longer.


Hope it helps. Anyway....get as far as you can in the 12 weeks and see how you feel then. Regardless if you stick to it longer or not you will have lost a great amount by then.
interesting article

Only problem I have with it is that they are referencing information that is not up to date. 1989,1993 ect. When was this study done?I will see what I can find

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