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Safety for ladies when walking or running.!


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Has anyone got any tips ?

I know this sounds awful but its been occuring to me lately since going for little runs and more walking how 'alone/isolated' I am in some parts of the routes I take. !

Today for example i walked into town to go shopping, nothing wrong in that but the roads are down country lanes etc.... and i found myself getting a bit jittery! which is such a shame on such a nice sunny day, out in the fresh air etc.

I dont know how I can avoid these isolated areas as they are all around where I live. !

I really dont want to stop going for these runs/walks but need to feel secure, wish I had a pooch I could take with me. !! never used to feel threatened when I had one years ago. :cry:
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Safety tips: Women need to take extra care when running alone, and there are a number of things that will help you stay safe - for a start, plan a number of different routes so that you avoid running in the same places at predictable times. Try to ensure someone reliable knows your route and an expected time of return. Run in busy, well-lit, familiar areas and steer clear of parks and riverbanks. If you have a mobile phone, take it with you, or take spare change for a phone box. You need to be aware of what's going on around you, so leave your personal stereo at home. Finally, you may want to consider any of the personal alarms on the market that are small enough to carry during exercise.


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* Be aware of your surroundings and report anyone unusual or suspicious to the police.
* Make eye contact with people you pass-looking away indicates fear.
* Headphones are great for the gym, but wearing them out on your morning or evening run decreases your awareness, especially of what's behind you.
* Know places along your route where you can find help.
* Run with your dog, if you have one. Attackers are often deterred by dogs, even small ones.
* If you run in the street, run against oncoming traffic. If you can't see what's coming, you can't avoid it.
* If you feel you are being followed, or are attacked, draw attention to yourself. Attackers don't want to be noticed or identified. If you cause a commotion, they are more likely to leave you alone.
* You are more likely to escape if you fight back. Kick, scream, and gouge (eyes, windpipe and groin are all good targets). Keys, pepper spray, or even a pen can be used as a weapon. Make sure it is easily accessible.
* If you run alone, carry pepper spray, but make sure you know how to use it. During an attack is no time to realize you don't know how it works. Some sprays come with a convenient practice canister.
* In the case of a dog attack, pepper spray might not always work. Dogs like a moving target, so stop moving, curl up in fetal position, and protect head and neck. While a physical attack is certainly the most serious threat a runner faces, it is not the only one. To prevent theft of property while running:
* Always lock your door, even if your going for a short run. You never know who pays attention to your schedule.
* If you drive to your favorite running location, don't leave valuables in plain sight in the car. It's an open invitation for theft.


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(Obviously the last post was american so don't carry pepper spray!)


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Thank you CavyCrazy for bringing this up and thanks Mike for the excellent tips and This post is one worth reading every now and then to refresh the memory.
Another good and easy option is join a running or walking club. Then once a week you run/walk with them, but more importantly you make friends with other runners/walkers in your local area... you may be able to arrange regular companions for runs/walks... safety in numbers ;)


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Those were all GREAT tips! I only have one more suggestion and that would be to carry a whistle. I live in a very busy city and there was a big article in our newspaper particularily aimed at women suggesting that we carry whistles. If your in trouble a whistle could draw alot of attention to you and would probably get you help fast.

Take care!


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thanks everyone, what great tips. Glad its been made a sticky too, as I think its personal safety is very important.

Its a shame in todays day and age we have to think about these things.

In future am going to be telling hubby exactly which route am taking, have found an old mobile phone we no longer use which is a tiny one, so can take that with me.

I like the idea of pepper spay...but know its not legal in this country!! :eek:, shame we are NOT ALLOWED to protect ourselves from attack. The law sucks!

I like the idea of a personal alarm or a whislte!! off to see what can find lunchtime.

Again thanks for all great tips. :)


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I spotted this on Amazon and have ordered one. At only £14.99 it seems good.

Doberman Personal Alarm Button & Electronic Defense Whistle

The alarm fits around your arm on a strap and you just push it to activate and the whistle is supposed to be really loud.


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Brill thread, nowadays you have to be sooooo careful as you never know whos around the corner...literally.

i had a spray i got from the US but it leaked in my pocket of my lovely jacket and the smell was outta this world...yuk

i get all panicky too. and its a natural thing in this day and age



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Did you manage to find something Cavycrazy?

deej...you'll have to keep us posted on how it sounds!

Ivy...sorry about your jacket? Did it wash ok?
I remember seeing something years ago that's probably even more appropriate these days:

As people are often afraid of getting hurt themselves, or interfering in domestic disputes, or simply because it's easier to pretend you can't really see what's happening, shouting what's actually going on may not actually get a response, whereas if you shout 'FIRE', people will always run to have a look and be less likely to ignore you.

Finding a running buddy will not only increase your safety, but it'll mean you're more likely to keep up the routine - i've just bullied my dad into joining me as he also needs to get fit!


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This probs isnt helpful.. but i know when i walk alone at night.. i always have a mobile phone.. and i often (this is really lame.. and im embarassed to say).. but i have some deodorant or something with no top on so that if anyone attacked me.. i could spray it in their face.. that might actually be illegal though.. and get you into trouble..
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I have a personal alarm and trust me it is loud actually hurts your ears it is very easy to activate as well.

it is a sad situation when we have to take precautions like this but anything o stay safe and keep fit and healthy

the joining a running club is a great idea there are loads round me
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Get a running buddy, and never go without them. It might seem a little OTT to say that, but you're better off safe than sorry.

I like this site, not just for running but really for any sort of activity you fancy: Fitness Social Network :: As Fit as a Butcher's Dog :: UK

Pepper spray... ahem... as an American transplant to the UK, I'd give you a word of warning about it. You need to be trained to use pepper spray or mace, particularly in a situation where you feel threatened and the adrenaline is pumping. It isn't just technique... there's also the question of how much is too much to use. You can seriously harm someone, including yourself, if you use it incorrectly or if your assailant gets hold of the cannister and uses it on you instead. And that's not getting into what can happen if you panic and keep spraying and spraying... really, not good stuff.

If you can get the training to use the spray, go for it, but I'd think twice if you're just buying it off a website.
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I have a hand held personal alarm I bought on the Moonwalk website that is deafening. I have not felt the need to take it out yet as I tend to jog with a local jogscotland group or walk with my husband. I would imagine there is similar groups throughout other parts of the uk ? They're great.

I have wooded walkways surrounding my house. I used to feel comfortable walking through them alone but I have to admit although crime is virtually unheard of in my area I do now feel quite jittery walking or jogging alone now due to such dreadful stories becoming more & more common in the news daily. Shame society has come to this.
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Hiya. I live "out in the sticks" so was gutted when the clocks went back any my exercise felt housebound. So, i joined a running club - that gives me a long run during the week - i've also met a girl that lives in the next village along so we can meet up at weekends to do longer runs in the daylight together. And (forgive my carbon footprint!) I've worked out a route that i can drive to from home and start running. At least i can relax into it and know i'm seen/can see, all footpaths etc, so although it's not terribly picturesque, it's only once or twice a week for a few months.... Try mapmyrun.co.uk for inspiration - it'll work out times and milage for you!


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I was told that if you are being attacked you are better off to shout "Fire" as more people will respond to that rather than someone screaming "help".

i like the idea of some sort of aerosol, maybe a small tin of paint. i would rather hurt someone with spray and then deal with the fallback rather than being hurt.

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