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Sagging... anyone got pictures and brave enough to share?


Slimming down the aisle
I was wondering about the sagging/excess skin. I'm doing all I can to try and make sure I'll tone up, but there's no guarantees, I'm hoping being young will go in my favour! Though to be honest, I have no idea what to expect from loose skin, or what it really looks like. I might be imagining it a lot worse than it is!

I was wondering if anyone had pictures of them after losing a large amount of weight showing the excess skin? I know it's a big ask, and I understand if no-one has them or wants to share them. But I just thought I'd ask!

Caroline x
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there are a few on here allready peoples pre tummy tuck pictures cant remember where i have seen them now x


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Totally agree with lin that it is not appropriate to ask as some people may be sensitive about it...if you're that worrried about saggy skin google it lol..if you want the fast weight loss that cambridge gives then it's kinda a small price to pay...hence i chose to lose weight slowly as didn't want to risk the saggy skin. but there is lots of images on line i'm sure :p


Slimming down the aisle
I'm sorry if this has offended anyone. It's not what I intended at all. And that's why I said that I understand if people don't want to share them. I just know that some people have had tummy tucks and so might not mind. I tried googling it and it didn't really help. However, I do not want to upset or offend anyone, so please ignore this post. I'm sorry.


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Awww, I would show you mine, Caroline, but I don't want you to run off shouting 'my eyes..MY EYES!' hahaha. No, kidding, it's not that bad - yet! :)


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LOL, I'd post mine too if I could bring myself to take the photo. :D

But actually, it's nothing like as bad as I feared. Five stones down, it's seemed to have shrunk back nicely - and I'm 39. I've still got another 3 stone or so to go though.

Not everyone's left with sagging skin, you know. Some are, it's true - but it has a lot to do with age and good genes.


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i have lost 5 stone or thereabouts since i started losing weight and have had no skin shrinkage....i'm 24 though, and moisturise like a demon. the only place i am concerned about is my bingo wings as if my tummy and thighs are a bit dodgy then i wont be bothered about not flashing them about BUT i would like to wear vest tops etc so want nice arms!
try doing a google search for "saggy skin" and then viewing the images that come up. There's a few in there that are before shots of tummy tucks etc


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Lots of exercise and bio oil in the bath is good to combat saggy skin. Dont worry about asking your question. If you dont ask, you dont get hun. x


For what is worth I don't think it was that "cheeky" I thnk it was a genuinely worded question.

I have pics of me in underwear, but not brave enough to post them they are more for personal reinforcement.

Personally though I don't think I'm that saggy skinned - but - I'm not there yet. Will let you know in a few stone. :)


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well i dont think it was offensive at all, I am lucky not to have any at the moment (i do moisturise and massage every day) but if i do develop some i wouldnt care about posting them :)


Slimming down the aisle
I'm starting to moisturise every day too. Didn't think of bio oil in the bath though, good idea!


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Sorry, just had to say that when I first saw the title of the thread, I thought it said Shagging...instead of Sagging! :p hee hee it did make me laugh.

Surprisingly, my tummy skin has tightened up nicely after 6.5 stone, but my boob skin has gone really saggy. Sorry if TMI! xx


Slimming down the aisle
No definitely not TMI! I'm trying to get a good idea of what to expect. I did manage to find some pictures by googling. But just the picture doesn't really tell me a lot, which is why if anyone had shared some it would have been helpful, cos you'd know how much they lost and how fast etc. But I totally get why you guys don't want to share them. It's too brave even for me! I think I'm actually just going to try and not think about it, all I can do is what I'm starting to do anyway, so no point thinking about it! Will keep up with the moisturising, do toning exercises as much as possible, bio oil in the bath is a great idea will start doing that too. Hopefully those things and being only 22 will work in my favour. Oh, and praying for high elasticity!!!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
ill show u mine after the weekend when i get some pictures done ;-) xx my skin is really sagging allready ;-(


Slimming down the aisle
And you've lost how much? 13lbs?


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
no hun i was 24 stone ....my journey started over a year ago cd is something i just rencently turned too


Trying to stay positive..
i don't have much sagging going on, just stretchmarks on my stomach, but they were there already, just got more... hmm, how do i call it... wrinkly??? when i lost the weight, basically because the fat was keeping them nicely stretched out, and now no fat- so- wrinkly:) but i can only see that when i lie on the side in my bed, so it's not that bad:)
another problem is the fact that while u are losing weight, u are also losing muscle (well, at least i did), so basically when i lie on my back, my whole rib cage pops out. kinda scary actually...


Trying to stay positive..
btw, there are a few pics in my album, if u wanna see. there's a side pic there so u can see the flatness and unsagginess of my tummy;P it's not really flat, but i'm trying that optimism thing people keep going on about:D
i lost 7,5st and am 23 (22 yrs old while doing CD)

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