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Salads - how do you eat yours?!?


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I'm a bit unimaginative too, never do pasta, rice or couscous salads. But I do like putting pieces of fruit into my salads - chopped up apples, oranges or whole grapes. I like the sweet & savoury tastes together.

Mrs V

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I have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, spring onions, peppers, grated carrot and shredded cabbage topped with 2 lvl tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo for 1 syn.

I always have this as the base for my salads and then just vary what I have with it.
I marinate chicken in tandoori spice - syn free on Red Day
Salmon steak poached with lemon and lime juice - syn free on Red Day
Ham slices - syn free on Red Day
Im on an EE day tomorrow, so having the base salad with chicken, pasta and sweetcorn.

havent had it in a while but used to have romaine lettuce, spinach, grapes halved and brie cut up which on a green day could be your healthy extra. had a little low fat dressing on it but have had probs finding one recently!

the deli counter beside my work puts pineapple in salads which i always thought was a bit bizzare, but i actually really like-when get it i have iceberg lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, sweetcorn, pineapple, peppers, onions and egg aka everything except tomatoes
Not a lettuce person, but what I do is (using my nicer dicer makes it easier) chop red onion, celery, radish, red, yellow and green pepper and carrot. I make enough to last a few days. Very tasty and crunchy.

Wee Doll

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i would have

diced red onion ( very tiny )
shredded iceberg lettuce
chopped cucumber
grated carrot
mixed peppers
sliced hard boiled egg
pickled onions

sometimes il add a baked potato or pasta just depends how hungry i am

il also add fat free hellmans vinegarette


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I have
baby spinach
red onion
red peppers
cherry toms
gerkins/pickled onions

With this I have Tuna/reduced fat greek cheese/salmon/chicken/ham

Sometimes if ive had savoury rice the night before I chuck a spoonful in or boil up a handful of pasta.

But tbh the above is enough for me without the added carbs especially with fruit for pudding!
I find i can eat more salad and enjoy it if its cut up small. Dont know why. Lots of cress, red onions, chopped tomatoes, peppers and eggs.
If I'm organised enough, I'll do a coleslaw. I'll shred a cabbage, grate some carrot and slice an onion then add fat free fromage frais and a couple of tablespoons of extra low fat mayo. I also love potato salad made with the same dressing.
I just chop up whatever I have and it all goes in, the more the merrier!!

Strawberries are really good in a salad.
We have salad a fair bit on red days. Pretty much with anything! I do cheat & buy the pre-bagged stuff alot too though & just add things to it.

I serve it as a side to many things, Aubergine bake, chicken & salad filled pittas, Syn free burgers SW chips & salad, quiche, quorn fillets & BBQ sauce, SW Pizza, most things:)

I often put sliced boiled eggs, pieces of fruit & a very low syn or free syn salad dressing to.

Must remember to attempt the coleslaw recipe though!


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Lettuce (or other mixed leaves, depends on what the Co-op has!), cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, sliced spring onions, halved cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn - all mixed up together with 1 tbsp of Heinz Extra Light Salad Cream drizzled over the top for 1 syn, then a hard boiled egg on the side and some ham, tuna, or chicken, or whatever meat or fish I've got available, to go with it. Yummy :D
My salads are quite boring as well. I have lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, mushroom, beetroot and pickled onions.

I'm not too good with the dips or toppings though. I've tried sour cream with either garlic, chilli or cajun mixed in but not sure on the syn values for any others.
im a big fan of the 'warm salad' but usually i have spinach and watercress, tomato, pepper and i like to add seafood, chicken etc.

im a cheat as well and i like to buy the prepacked stuff
I usually have different kinds of lettuce's, cucumbers, spring onions, then I will have ham and chicken, and perhaps boiled eggs if im not having chicken, then I drizzle with Tescos Light Choices Fat free french dressing, i used to have xtra light mayo or salad cream but found i was putting more and more on so the syns where creeping up, so i thought i would try the french dressing, im really fussy so didnt think i would like it, but i loved it, made it really tasty xx
i have salad's a lot. usually i buy something pre-packed but if i make it myself it'll be spinach watercress and rocket, with cucumber, pepper, tomatos, spring onion, beansprouts, green beans and sweetcorn. Mmmmmmmm

today i have that with peppered salmon, but sometimes i have chicken, cheese, ham, prawns etc

hot salad is lush, chicken and bacon with a light honey and mustard dressing!

does anyone know the syns in honey? and the syns in wholegrain mustard btw?

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