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Salsta's diary

My name is Sal, Im 42 and weigh 17 stone 8 pounds (OMG I cant believe I just typed that) and I was on the slimming world plan but just couldnt get on with anymore. So I took a break and joined Weight Watchers last Tuesday.

I did WW about 10 years ago and wow has it changed. Its my first week and I have found it a little tricky, trying to work out the point values for meals etc, but Im getting the hang of it. I still feel a bit hungry so Im going to do a food diary on here as well so I can see if Im missing something and as a historical thing so I can see what went well and what didnt.

Im due to get married in July next year so I want to loose some of my weight, not all of it as I dont think Im destined to be a skinny minny but just enough so I feel comfortable and happy in my own skin. Also, I have arthritis in both ankles, and in my left hip, this came along after breaking one of my ankles in my teens and also my constant heavyness. Mind you I also suffer from mild psoratic arthritis so that doesnt help as it can strike any of my joints without much notice, so I take quite a lot of medication. I also have an under active thyroid which I was diagnosed with five years ago, so although my weight will come off I dont think its going to be as quick as I would like it, hence me starting now for next July.

As part of my plan I have been going to the gym since December and I can see my fitness levels getting higher all the time. So far I have lost 16 inches in total.

Weigh in day is Tuesday so fingers crossed that I loose something.
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Welcome on board! It is a bit of a nightmare at first trying to get to grips with food values and weights, but it'll come soon and it'll be like second nature! You sound determined and extremely organised. There is nothing like a wedding for extra motivation and I'm sure by next July you'll see a huge difference! Good look for your WI on tuesday.
Jo x
p.s I find a food diary really helps me stay motivated and on track!!
Thanks for the support, I think I will need it. Five pounds off this week, which is great, mind you I was expecting something like that for the first week. Fingers crossed for next week :)
Well done!! 5lbs is a brilliant loss even for your first week!! Keep up your good work, and I'm sure you'll have a good loss next week too!! :)
Hello Diary
Well so far this week has been good, went out for a curry on Wednesday and used so many of my weekly points arrrgh. But well within its limits. We are now out to dinner on Saturday night too, we hardly ever go out to dinner but now twice in one week crikey, I guess Im going to use up all of those weekly pro points.

Ive been to the gym so far five times this week, I love the change in my shape and not getting too breathless walking up a couple of flights of stairs, Im starting to increase my cardio a bit more and the arm exercises - trying to get rid of my bingo wings in time for the wedding next year, I might need the help of a plastic surgeon as they sure are big wings.
Im really getting the hang of the points system, but Im hoping my memory improves so I dont have to keep looking in the book all the time.

I bought the on-line thingy at class on Tuesday so Im looking forward to going on line on Monday, I didnt want to do it too early as apparantly you start paying from the minute you start the process, so thought I would leave it.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
Hi Diary
Second weigh in tonight and lost another two pounds so thats half a stone - got my first shiny seven. Fingers crossed theres more to come.

Week has been ok, apart from using near enough all my 49 weekly points. But the weight loss has been good so its nice to know its there if I need it, but Im hoping to do without it, if I can.

My other half is poorly, a severe case of man flu, so much so he cant even lift his arm, he is seriously trying my patience, in fact last night I could have quite happily given him a swift clip around the head. Hope he gets better soon. Mind you then I wont here the last of how I was such a c**p nurse (nothing new there).

Fingers crossed for next week. Only managed to get to the gym on Monday, had today off and in work early Wed and Thurs mornings, so wont get there until Friday (I do miss it and yes Im a bit sad)
Well done on another 2lbs off even with 2 meals out..brill!! You're going all guns blazing!

How irritating is man flu??? I'm usually very patient, but when OH has man flu I become the most irritated and cranky nurse imaginable!! Hope he gets better soon for your sake ha!

Have a good week x
Thanks calorie crusader, man flu is irritating isnt it. And I believe Im the worlds worst nurse. I wouldnt have a problem if he was 'really' ill, but when I have a cold I have to do the washing, cooking, washing up and all the other jobs, ho humm

Sausage casserole, broccoli and new pots to look forward to tonight yummy. According to my ww online thingy I have now gone down to 34 points, flippin eck.
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Past couple of days have passed in me wanting to eat loads of savoury snacks, but Ive resisted nearly, but had two 2 points snacks on Thursday it could so easily have been 3 or 4 packs.

Other half is feeling better now (thank god), so back to a equal household. We are off to my other halfs relations on Sunday to celebrate their one year old's birthday with a buffet lunch, not sure what Im going to eat yet. The other half said I could put stuff on my plate and discretely pass it onto him. Not a good idea as I dont want his tummy to get a bit rounder. So I will have to look at the stuff carefully and see what I can have.

Been back to the gym today which feels good, then a long work out on Saturday and Sunday mornings will get me back on track with my activity points.

Have a good weekend all.

Thanks for popping in to my diary! Glad to hear your OH is back to normal, (that is hard work in itself!)

Good for you on getting to the gym. I am so itching to get back to the gym. After hurting my back on tues and wed I'm a bit apprehensive. Going to go 2moro I think and hope for the best!

Hope you enjoy your weekend too :)
So this week has been ok, Ive kept near enough 100%.

Im a bit concerned as my sister who is a larger lady too, is having gastric band at the end of March, reason Im concerned is that her overeating is psychological and it doesnt seem like they have offered her any couselling to try and combat her urges, so my thought is that when she has the band fitted she is going to want to eat and is going to either go slowly mad or not be able to do it and have it taken out again. If any of you ladies have had experience of WL surgery, your advice on how to support her would be appreciated.

I think the catalyst for the above is that we lost our mum in January last year and we were both very close to her. She recently had to have her dog put to sleep as well so she is really emotionally fragile, hence my worries about her.

Anyways off out to a party tonight with the other half, I will not be drinking wine, I repeat I will not be drinking wine - If I say it often enough it will sink in.

I had a review of my plan at the gym last Sunday, and OMG my poor arms are dying, Im sure it will get easier, but at the moment I am slightly wincing everytime I pick up my coffee cup (slight exageration possibly :) ).
Glad to hear you've had a good week food wise..keep up the good work.

Not really sure about gastric bands either but like Jo said there is bound to be a forum on here specifically for that. Sorry to hear about your mum, they are hard times and you're are maybe right in the sense that your sister needs to talk about her emotional issues to help her move forward. I'm sure you'll be a great support to her.

Enjoy your party tonight with OH and remember...you are not having wine!! ha! x
Glad to hear you've had a good week food wise..keep up the good work.

Not really sure about gastric bands either but like Jo said there is bound to be a forum on here specifically for that. Sorry to hear about your mum, they are hard times and you're are maybe right in the sense that your sister needs to talk about her emotional issues to help her move forward. I'm sure you'll be a great support to her.

Enjoy your party tonight with OH and remember...you are not having wine!! ha! x
Thanks for the message, and guess what only had one small glass of wine - how saintly am I. Mind you it was a bit paint stripperish, hence the reason for one glass.

Off to have a walk by the seaside now with the OH. Have a good day all.
I don't have any experience of Weight Loss Surgery but I am sure if you look in WLS forum on here, you will find people who know lots about it. Jo x
Hi Jo
thanks for that. I will have a look on the other forums, but I think its been moved to another site. Im slightly worried that if I start reading it I might worry about her even more and she is 260 miles away. Well, she is a grown up but I cant help feeling panicky in case anything goes wrong.

Have a good day.
Hope you had a lovely walk by the seaside today. OH and I were also out by the seaside today for a little jaunt. However wee did over indulge in a pub lunch :sign0007:

Not to worry, hope you had better will power than we did!! x
So this week was good, I lost 3 1/2 pounds (and got my 5% sticky) which Im really happy about. I can feel my trousers getting looser. I normally measure myself every month, so Im due to do that next month, it will be interesting to see what the tape measure says.

On a more trivial note, my friend and I went to have a fish pedicure on Thursday night, it was amazing my feet feel so soft. I was a bit apprehensive at first at putting my feet in the tank, but once I plunged my feet in and stopped giggling at the sensation, it felt a bit odd, a bit like when pins and needles is just wearing off a kind of fuzzy sensation hmm. Must admit they wouldnt have wanted another meal for a bit after sucking and chomping at my dry skin urghhhh!

We are off to a pub quiz tonight in a bowling club, last time we went it was good fun, last time we had a supper of fish and chips, this time its chicken curry and rice, so Im going to keep to low value points food today and hopefully the impact shouldnt be too bad. No alcohol for me as Im driving up to Yorkshire tomorrow to go and lay some flowers on my mum's grave for mothers day, Im meeting up with my sister and we are having a bite to eat then Im coming all the way back again. I have got Monday and Tuesday off but want to do things at home. Ohh and as a treat for my 5% goal I have booked myself a facial for Tuesday afternoon woo hoo.

If you have read my diary before you will know my sister was supposed to have a gastric band fitted on 31.03.11, she postponed it which I think is a good idea, her dog Lily had to be put too sleep earlier in the week and its really affected her badly as Lily was so special to her. So in a way I hope she revaluates her options and has another long think about it. We will see but Im sure she can do other options before the surgery. Who knows.

Other news, we saw a financial chappie on Wednesday night and we should be in the position to buy our own house woo hoo. So just waiting for some paperwork from him and its all systems go, I have found a couple of houses that we want to go and look at already. Soon we will be settled in our own home, getting married next year and I will be slim (oh yes I will be, fingers crossed).

Anyways, thats me done for now, housework all done, off to the library, poundland to see what ww stuff is in there, then off to the gym.

Have a good weekend all.

Well done on this week's loss and reaching your 5%, nice one!!

Exciting stuff with buying your house. OH and I finally got our own house last xmas, it was such an exciting time!!

Enjoy your couple of days off work x
Well miffed, half a pound on grr, probably due to TOTM, and not tracking enough. So out comes my little tracker pad into my bag, and back to porridge for brekkie. I think I get a little bit stuck in my ways and my menu become samey so I will be trying to be a bit more adventurous.

Nose back to the grindstone Sal.
Not to worry, it'll be back off in no time, plus more! You'll be right TOTM plays havoc with WIs. I think it should be made compulsory that you just forget WI when it's TOTM!! Ha! x

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