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Salt craving


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has this??

My 1st time on LT some 2 years ago came to an end because I couldnt manage without salt. In the end I became very dizzy and my blood pressure got even lower than its normal low.

Prior to my hols I was fine, no problem at all. Now I am struggling and all I can think of is anchovies............ gross I know but very salty. Earlier today my son had chicken nuggets and I licked some of the salt of my finger............. yes I know even more gross.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I can get this sorted. My BP is low at the best of times and I believe this is part of the problem....
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Life is not a Rehersal!
I havent a clue Theresa......wish I could help...have you tried googling it...if nothing there, why dont you email Lipotrim or ask your pharmacist..best to play it safe and find out esp with low blood pressure.


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Thanks for the reply Scotsmist!!

I have cut my water to 3litres since coming back from Portugal although I was probably drinking the same before my hols as I was away!! I am concious that I dont want to wash too many minerals, including salt from my system as this will in turn cause fluid retention.

Last time I asked my pharmacist he said rang LT and they couldnt help.... I might just ring them myself as I am not sure the call was trully made as it took 4 weeks to get an answer and the answer was quite blasé..

I have considered going back to the soups but am not sure I could stomach them!! LOL

I will just have to watch getting up quickly for the next few days until I can get to an open pharmacy, ours are on strike over here!
Hi hun, do give LT a call, they should be able to give you some answers.

I have low blood pressure and have to be careful I don't get up too quickly, especially after giving blood, but have never had salt cravings.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Let us know what LT say.



Life is not a Rehersal!
I would give the soup another go....I dont find it salty actually although I have heard others say that it is.

I always get up very gingerly in the morning as I have experienced dizzy spells the whole time. In fact, I think I have had every side effect going on LT!!!!! But, I kept saying it was a small price to pay :)

Do hope you can get some info, but I would email LT, whenever I have emailed them, within an hour they have replied...best to be on the safe side!

Hope you are ok and the cravings are going:)!!


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''Sorry about you salt cravings, but it is not anything that we are aware of. The diet has been in medical use since 1987 and used by hundreds of thousands of patients and this is the first I have come across, so I regret that I have no easy answer. Adding salt, however, is not really a good idea, since it can upset the sodium and potassium balance. Unless you are drinking in excess of 3-4 litres of water a day. If you are then cut back on the water as it can cause you to excrete too much salt.''

It seems I am one of a kind!!! Got to say this reply is nothing more than basic physiology, I know I studied it in 1st year nursing. I feel a bit dismissed by this reply but am not surprised to be honest. Their research obviously stopped back in 1987!! Scandinavian studies have shown a link between low blood sodium & low blood pressure.

Thank God I know whats going on myself and can reason with my cravings....lol Wouldnt mind if it was a choccie craving, that might make sense!!

So glad this forum is here as LT themselves are not particularly good at the 'support' part of their programme!
hi theresa,, i say try a soup again.. its funny i never liked suger in tea or coffee.. but bought some sweetners and love it in the tea and coffee.. maybe ime just looking for a different taste on my tastebuds... Breda x


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When I saw you had posted I knew what you were going to say!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

LT is TOTAL food replacement, shakes/soups/flappys only!!!

You have made me laff tho!

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