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Salt, Pepper, Coffee and Chocolate Shakes


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Hey Guys,

Can anyone give me some tips. I am not having any major issues with the shakes, I just add a shot of coffee to the Vanilla shakes and they go down well!

What I cant get an answer on is Salt and Pepper, can these be added to the soup or not. Official line says no, but a lot of others say yes. From what I am seeing it wont affect my Ketones (just did a home test with ketosticks and they are up!)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Its fine to add coffee to the shakes.
Officially no salt and pepper, but pepper is widely used with no adverse affects. I would not add any salt though.

Good luck on lipotrim.
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I have always had black pepper but never salt. I would steer clear personally


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I avoided pepper after LT told me it was a berry, so used chili flakes instead.


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I dont use either...I knew that you couldnt have salt and there was a debate about pepper, but I just decided I would have everything as they came; just incase I was one of the unfortunate few that maybe put on by having pepper!! Didnt want to jeopordise anything in that department.

Personally, if you find them ok without I wouldnt add anything. Helps to retrain you even more!!


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I would never add salt due to the water retention, but i have always added spices to my soup. Officially the answer is to not add anything but i do add chilli powder or pepper even cayene sometimes to my soup & my weightloss was never affected. It's up to you.


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I had pepper, but would definatly stay away from salt!


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Cool, thanks for this guys. The point about the salt is really valid and I had not thought about that. As for the pepper - I may have to vary what I use then - I dont mind the soup, it is just a bit too creamy for me, dont get me wrong, I do like it - it is just that my taste has gone weird in the last week!

It kind of reminds me of vending machine chicken soup when I used to get it from the machine at the swimming baths!


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Hi Doozer. I likied the soup for the first few times, but really really don't like it now!

Best advice is not to add anything - the thing about LT and any totoal food replacement (TFR) diet is that you're not really meant to like the foods, as you're retraining your palate to accept different foods when you start eating again. That's how I look at it anyway.

I do add a teaspoon of espresso to my vanilla breakfast shake, to get me going. And now i don't really like the vanilla on its own! (too sweet and sickly).

Anyway, glad to hear it's going well for you anwyay.

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