samples have arrived


Feeling great in 2012!
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Hope you like them. It's a really quick way to lose weight especially when you've got a lot to lose like I did, and it's so fast it really motivates you to stay on track as the weight literally falls off :)


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loser 85 i placed a order yesterday afternoon too and mine also arrived today great fast delivery cant wait to start but think i may have to start a week after christmas as got lots of parties to attend and got lots of family over for christmas day and all bringing food


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What were in your sample package please?? :) thanx


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I picked the vanilla shake, spag bol and the lemon yoghurt bar. Cost me just over a fiver including delivery.


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My samples arrived today too I ordered one of everything except for the banana, coffee and hazelnut shakes. That cost about £21 including postage. Going to try them over the next week or so before ordering a months supply of the things I like to start in the first week of the new year. xx


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I ordered a cottage pie, and a lemon bar plus did a order for 5 spaghetti Bol. Going to start on the new year