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Just curious, i am very sure i wont like any of the shakes, as i dont like shakes full stop, and i only like tomato soup, pretty sure i would like bars, but i know you can only really have one per day, so are CD councellors allowed to post out samples, i dont want to have to travel and buy to find out i cant manage to stomach the things:cry:
Realisticly how much could i lose in 4 weeks, i am 5ft, and weigh 11st, i am due an op mid may, so wont be able to do more than 4 weeks, as i think i need a couple of weeks of normal eating prior to it, and have fouind out i cant do CD for 3 months after.
PS if you had one soup and 2 bars a day would it just mean the weightloss would be slower, or would it stop altogether???
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I don't know whether it is the norm or not but my CDC let me have 4 samples, a bar, a tetra, a soup and a shake. Bless her, it was really kind of her I thought !


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
Hi Meemo,

CDC's can't give out anything without going through all the med stuff with you so I suppose it depends on the situation. The situation regarding samples, I really don't know, it's a business and each counsellor has their own business and runs it as they see fit, I personally wouldn't give out samples because I simply cannot afford to give things away for free. You'd need to speak to your CDC.

CDC's can swap things though if you find you don't like shakes or soups etc you can swap them usually assuming they aren't nearing their sell by date.

As for the bars question, I'm afraid its 1 bar a day because of the carbs and for some people they can have windy/gurgly tummy side effects.

If you are only a few weeks away from an op I wouldn't advise dieting, wait till you are better and then take care of things on the diet side.

Thanks Coley, i would have been willing to pay for the samples, by samples i meant a few single flavours just to try (not FREE samples)rather than the whole weeks worth, i was hoping to like one or 2 so i could try and lose a bit before my op:cry:


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
I really wouldn't do it Michelle - the first time doing this diet really is the golden time and I've leave it till you are ready and fit enough to give it a proper bash to get where you want to be. Trust me, if you do a few weeks now, then go eat it's soooooooooooo hard to get back on this diet. Plus the whole getting into ketosis thing can be crappy, a few days of evilness only for you to have to go and eat stuff. Its just no fun!!

Ask you CDC about getting a few to try......you never know!
Thanks, i'll prob stick with the WW stuff then for now, but my surgeon wanted me to lose 7lb, which i lost 6, then put a couple back on again, so i will need to give it a good go before, although i havnt a date yet, think they may try and get out of it, must ring them again, and remind them.

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